The Hardest Things

Sometimes in life, I have found that people make things too difficult.  Sometimes they read too much into things and sometimes they react in ways that are overly dramatic.  Sometimes they lose their heads and all traces of common sense.  Life is actually pretty good if you let it be.  However, I have found the hardest things that we do are the things that should be the easiest.

Everyone gets so caught up in themselves that they forget to think about how another person might feel, or how someone else might perceive an action or the words that you say.  Being kind is not a weakness.  Thinking of others will not make you less than them.  Hateful words and making another person feel small will never build you up and cure whatever insecurity you are dealing with.  Judging others, or making assumptions before you know the entire story may just make you miss out on an amazing person or experience.  Telling someone that they are worthless does not improve your standing in life.

I say all the time that I try to live by the Golden Rule.  It can be difficult, but I do try.  There are also many days that I have to put myself back on to the course, but trying to live this way is the only way that I know how to live.  It is the only example that I want to show my children.  It is the only way I know of that would make my grandmother proud.  It has come to my attention that by me being who I am and living the way I live, there are those who think I am not genuine or think perhaps I have ulterior motives.  This is something that I really never thought people might think.  I guess it explains some things.  It makes me sad that people think that way instead of just accepting that this might be who I am.  Oh well.  I guess they really don’t want to take the time to get to know me at all.  I think that is why I tend to keep people at arm’s length a lot of times.  I let very few people into my circle, but once you are in…well, I would go to the ends of the earth for you if your really needed me to.  I’m not saying that my way is perfect, and I am not a perfect person at all.  And perhaps I am naive  I am just saying that lately I have seen a lot of people hurting because of pain inflicted by others who don’t seem to know how to do the easy things.  You know, smile, wave, forgive, communicate, love, respect…things that have become hard in our society.  Things that should be second nature to us.

It is not as difficult as it seems to be nice to others.  Yes, you can get taken advantage of…lots of times.  Yes, you will be hurt.  However at the end of the day, the only person who’s actions you can control is yourself.  You can choose how you treat others.  You can choose what you say to others.  You can choose how you make others feel.  If someone tells you that you are worthless, why do you give them the energy it takes to hate them and spew angry words about them.  They are not worth the time and energy it takes to act that way.  The only way you will be able to change their view is by your actions.  Being angry is only going to confirm what they believe.  So many of our actions are so self-defeating.  So many times we make the words of others become true by choosing to NOT forgive, by choosing to feed into their drama.  All we have to do is let it go.  It really will work out.

I hope that the person that I am thinking of as I write this can feel my love and I hope that it helps to heal the heart that is broken.  I hope that each and every person who is hurting will remember that not everyone has forgotten how to treat people.  Not everyone has forgotten that a kind word can mean the world to someone.  Not everyone has forgotten that every person, no matter who they are has worth.  Not everyone has forgotten that love and respect must be given freely to be gotten at all.  I will leave you all with a quote and a couple of shots that I found pretty peaceful.   I hope everyone has an amazing rest of this week and I will talk to you soon.

-What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. They are trifles,
to be sure, but scattered along life’s pathway, the good they do is



Our Light

I was thinking of how to start.  That is always the part of the writing that is the most vexing.  The starting.  Once I have started, it flows and rambles and often times doubles back on itself, but it does get to the point I was trying to make.  The starting though, sometimes I have to think how I really want to say something, or if it is worth saying at all.  Those are the times that I often look for inspiration.  Inspiration comes from many places and today came from this quote:

At times our own light goes out
and is rekindled by a spark from another person.
Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude
of those who have lighted the flame within us.
– Albert SchweitzerI

I have to admit; my list is a long one.  Everyone in my life has rekindled my spark at one time or another, and I hope that I have done the same for them.  Often, the people we are closest to, the ones we spend the most time with, they are the ones who rekindle our spark the most.  For me, it is my husband.  Now…he can also pour water on it, but usually he lights a flame within me.

He makes me want to be a better person.  Sometimes he has to pull it out of me, but somehow he always gets me to do it.  He thinks that I can do anything…most days I am not sure, but he is 100% positive that I can do whatever it is.  He thinks that I am a really good person too.  Sometimes, I fail at that, but I try.  He also thinks that I am smarter than I think I am.  He believes in me.  He makes me want to try…He also makes me afraid to try.  I always think: What if I let him down?

In the end though, even if I get angry and bitch and moan about it, I do try.  I do the thing that he is wanting and usually I succeed.  And there he stands with a grin on his face saying, “See, I told you that you could do it.”  I usually want to hit him at that moment,  (how come he is right so often?) but then I am thankful that he pushed me out of my comfort zone a little bit.

I have lived a life full of people that I am grateful to have spent time with.  Each and every person that I have met, has been in my life for a reason.  Most good, some…  I only hope that I have rekindled even one spark for one person along my way.  If I have done that…that is all that I can really ask.

I hope that each one of you have a great evening and I wanted to share a couple of shots of the sunset tonight.  Sometimes it is about the clouds more than the sun.  Talk to you soon!


Sunday Adventure!!

Since I am up here by myself, I try to keep myself busy.  During the week that is usually not an issue.  Get up, go to work, come home, make supper, finish working…you know the drill.  On Saturdays, I clean and I washed my truck yesterday…she is so clean!  But Sundays have an entire day stretching out before me like an unwinding ribbon that you can’t see the end of.  So, I adventure.  Last week I took the RZR out just a little bit, but since it is not here this week, I thought I’d go for a hike.

That should not really be an issue, right?  I mean there are tons of places to hike around here and they all have established trails.  I had been thinking about my husband a lot this morning so I wanted to go and get some pictures of a certain place that we both had often wondered about.  It is a bridge that you can see from the Lake Of The Clouds Overlook.  So, I went to the Welcome Center and got a map.  I talked to one of the workers there and he told me what trail I needed to take.  Well, as usual, when it comes to me and directions, all did NOT go as planned.  I planned on a couple mile hike, I ended up hiking 10 miles today (according to my Health App on my iPhone).  But, I have to say, the views were gorgeous!

I parked in the parking area and set off.  I should have guess by the fact that the trail went pretty much straight up that I should have gotten a second opinion.  My health app also says that I climbed 115 flights of stairs.  I was curious as to how they measured that so I looked it up.  Apparently for every 10 feet in elevation gain they consider it one flight of stairs.  So that means that I gained 1150 feet in elevation today.  Gosh, I can honestly believe that.  At any rate, I thought, and this is what I get for thinking, that once I got to the top it would level out.  Aaaand it did, but not for a while.  So, in my quest for an easy trail to take my husband to see this bridge, I climbed several mountains today.  I have to say, it was a daunting task, but it was worth it.  I think the worst part was after I found the bridge and walked back down the actual road to my truck, that took forever!!

Walking in the woods, even if you are on a trail, gives you plenty of alone time.  There were times that I ran into people, and even chatted with a few nice ones, but there were very large portions of the trail that it seemed like I was the only living person for miles and miles.  And I may have been on the early portion of the trail since it seemed like everyone else was going the other way.  With that much alone time, your thoughts just play pinball in your head.  Sometimes I thought of the wildlife, sometimes I wondered if I was going to find the bridge, sometimes I thought about where I was in my life.  Mostly my thoughts stayed with two subjects: my family and how amazing this world really is.  As I walked through some gorgeous country and walked to some breathtaking vistas, my thoughts circled back to my love for my family and my love for my husband.  I thought about the last hike Sterling and I took.  I thought about laughing with Spencer.  I thought about Lia walking through these same woods with me, just in a different spot.  And I thought about Rod.  I thought about all the laughs we share and the love we have.  I also thought about that bridge.  Trying to get to a destination that may have been a little vague is how he and I have lived our lives.  We have traveled the roads together and firmed up our destinations as we got closer.  We have made decisions together and have walked up mountains and down to get to where we are now.  Where we go tomorrow, Lord only knows, but I know that we will get there together.

I may have taken a longer route to get to the place that I was going than I origainlly planned, but I think that was part of it.  I was talking to Rod on the phone after I got home and told him how far I had gone and he said; “Yeah, but you enjoyed it.”  And I did.  I loved every minute of it.  Even if I was huffing and puffing up some parts of the mountain.  Even if the walk back to the truck took 10 years.  Even if, at the end, my “old lady hips”, as my friend Kris calls them, started to ache.  It was so worth it.  I feel recharged and my soul is full

I will say this.  I do need to learn how to properly read the map they give you and understand which spots actually correspond to the places on the map in real life.  And, pack a sandwich.  Oh, and a snowmobile gets you down Hwy 107 much faster than by foot.

Anyway, I hope that everyone had an amazing day.  I want to leave you with a couple of shots from my adventure today.  Next Sunday I think I’ll try another trail, maybe I can try them all this summer.  Talk to you soon!




Embracing Life’s Craziness.

I had a plan today.  I had every intention of getting up at 5 and starting my day.  Well, I am having trouble with my alarm clock for some reason.  Anyway, I slept in.  Some days are just that way.  I wasn’t behind, I just didn’t stick to the plan.  It was that way all day.  I intended to ship out molds on Friday.  I am shipping tomorrow.  By the way, I have actually managed to sell a few!  Everyone is telling me that no one will buy them, but there are a lot of people online looking for them.  Anyway.

Then I got home and made supper.  Stir fry tonight.  The dogs loved it too!  Then I decided that I needed to get a photo for whatever I was going to write about tonight.  So, I took Oscar outside and went searching.  The photo I ended up with is a good one, and I intended to write something that would fit with it, but then…craziness began.

Rod got Oscar wound up, even though Rod is thousands of miles away, (security system.  Not even kidding), this led to Atlas voicing his displeasure at the noise level, which led Oscar to make even more noise as I shot his picture.  So, I began with a photo of the flowers that my Mother-In-Law helped me plant…(love them too!)


Switched to a photo of my little turkey, Oscar:

6-18-18 (6)_Fotor

And ended up with an absolutely lovely photo of my old boy howling as the sunlight shines in on him.  There is also a kitchen towel behind him that reminds us to Trust your Journey.

6-18-18 (1)_Fotor

Normally this would not make me stop long enough to snap a shot.  But I have been trying to go with life’s flow more often even when it is crazy.  I can’t control the craziness of life, that is for sure; and if you look, often times you will find golden moments hidden in the folds of craziness that surround you.  My old fellow takes his time these days and moves a bit slower than he used to, but maybe he is seeing something special to howl about.  Maybe he is trying to tell me that it really doesn’t get better than this…A full belly, someone who loves you and laughter.  Always love and laughter.

Find the golden moments.  Those are the memories that are worth keeping.  Talk to you again soon.


I have not written for some time now.  I have been terrible about it really.  I make no excuses, it is the way things go sometimes.  I am in a different place now and I actually have time to sit down and collect my thoughts.  I have time to write to you again.  I have still been observing people and trying to go on adventures.  I have the feeling that I will have a bit more time for them now.

I went out this morning for a short adventure and found a small beach not too far from the house.  It was a very nice drive in the RZR and perfect for my first solo run.  There really wasn’t any trouble for me to get into.  The flies were horrid though so I headed home to research how to combat those.  Anyway. I did get some pretty nice shots this morning, but I was missing my partner in crime.  I was missing Rod.  He is home in Mississippi with the boys.  He makes all my RZR adventures so fun.  There were houses that were gorgeous that I knew he would have liked and I saw a sailboat out on the Lake and a really cool cloud.  If he were here I would have shown them all to him and he would have appreciated the fact that I was showing him.  I am pretty sure that he enjoys most of the things I comment on…either that or like any good husband he knows how to humor his wife.  LOL.  Hopefully he will be able to visit soon.  Until then, thank goodness for technology.  He can almost be here…even when he isn’t.

So, I will be writing about my adventures here…and of course my crazy observations about people and life.  It is funny how this blog has changed, but then, my boys don’t adventure with me anymore.  They have grown into men that work and don’t have time for that.  And that is the way it goes.  Anyway, I will leave you with a photo and a quote for today… Father’s Day.  I hope that you have the best day yet!

“Beauty is not who you are on the outside, it is the wisdom and time you gave away to save another struggling soul like you.”
― Shannon L. Alder6-14-18 (6)_Fotor


Well, I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve written. I also know that I said there was going to be changes coming to this blog and to my Facebook page. I do intend to make the changes I just haven’t gotten there yet. Really I’m thinking that my farm page is going to start carrying a bunch of things for sale including the art of Mississippi picture girl. I’m in the experimental stages right now.

When you do anything big and make big changes there comes a certain fear with it. What if people don’t like what I have? What if nothing I have sells? What if I put myself out there and it’s a flop? These are all things that I have thought of. They’ve gone round and round in my mind and I don’t really think there’s a good answer. Part of the reason I have been so slow to put anything up for sale, is just that fear. It’s also been kind of crazy coming back from vacation this time. my guys are not home as much anymore. And so everything is kind of left to me. Also, I’m suffering or dealing with being out of alignment, and so that’s been causing me some pain. I am getting that fixed hopefully, on Sunday. My boys and I are making the drive to go see my sister-in-law who is a chiropractor and hopefully she will snap me back together and I can move on down the road. One thing I know for absolute certain, if your spine is out of alignment it drastically affects your ability to function. If it is Out then, everything is messed up. I’m telling you my foot is going numb now. I just let it go too long and now I have to get it fixed. But, one of my resolutions was about being fit. going to the gym every day is kind of taking a backseat right now because I don’t want to injure myself further. Also, I’m getting A yoga trapeze to hopefully alleviate the need for running to the chiropractor all the time. Inversion therapy is well known and widely accepted. Plus, it’s just fun anyway so all of that has been going on.

I honestly have not taken nearly as many pictures as I would’ve liked to. Part of that, has been the weather it has rained almost every day I could’ve adventured when I wasn’t busy. So there’s that too. At the end of the day, I know it sounds like I’m making excuses. And I guess I am. There is a woman that I work with and she decided to just say fuck it and follow her dreams and things are unfolding so amazingly for her I’m so proud of her and so happy for her she is doing an amazing job if you get a chance, heading over to Facebook and check out her store or online store, it’s it’s called The Gypsy’s Moon. Basically what she does is she takes old jewelry and she sees something in it and turns it into something totally new and totally fabulous. In fact, because She took a chance, a piece of her jewelry is being worn by someone in London. I just think this woman is amazing anyway. However it just goes to show what can happen and here I sit still mired in my own insecurities and a little bit of fear. Wondering what i am doing, and scared to start doing what I know I should be doing. What I would absolutely love to be doing. And there she is doing what she needs to do to follow her dream. I need to take a lesson from that. everything I tell you about following your dreams and just going for it I need to stop and take a lesson from that. And any rate I wish her nothing but the best she totally not worth it and makes amazing stuff.

Changes, my life’s been full of them however once I get settled down a little bit and figure out exactly what I’m going to do with my ours, Boondock farms Facebook page will sell the art of Mississippi picture girl. That is coming. I am going to figure out just how I want it displayed, get my shit in order, and start putting it up for sale. Of course I want to make a profit on it, and I would love for that to be my full-time gig, however I just want people to be able to enjoy the things that I create to be able to see the world the way I see it sometimes. I’m not saying that my way is best, I’m just saying that sometimes it doesn’t hurt to look at something from a different point of view. If you can take a point of view home with you, well, that’s all the better.

One thing I will let you know, is that I will do better at letting you guys know what I’ve been up to. Let me get back into alignment on Sunday, so that I can feel like a normal person again instead of this person that is going to break at any minute, and will get back in the swing of things. It’s really time to take down, rather break down the last wall that’s holding me back from doing what I want to do. It’s a wall of my own making my own insecurities, my own self consciousness, and it’s time to let it go. That’s never easy. And it takes more than a day or so, but like I always say, never begin a journey until you take that first step. I’ve taken a lot of first steps already this year. the key to any journey is to continue making those first steps. Just keep going, and don’t give up. I know that’s what I’m trying to do. Until next time, I hope you have an amazing day. And here are a couple of pictures that I have shot over the last month or so.


Yesterday, a friend of mine and I were having a conversation. And the way the conversations usually go usually is you start on one thing and it just morphs into something else. This is how this conversation was, and it was a good thing. We started talking about something rather lighthearted and ended up talking about a pretty deep subject. We were talking about the ripple effect.

The ripple effect is just my name for it. Basically, it’s my theory that your actions and my actions affect an untold number of people, they spread out from us like ripples on a pond. Just think about it. If you’re having a bad day and a stranger in a store gives you a complement for no reason, your day is a little brighter. So since your day is a little bit brighter you treat the next person with a little bit more kindness. And perhaps, they do the same. On the flipside of that if you are having a bad day, maybe you snap at people. And may be the person that you snap at, then in turn goes home and snaps at their significant other. Maybe their significant other is the boss of a big crew and they snap at their workers and the workers then quit and then they don’t have any money for Christmas and then Little kids are unhappy because Santa didn’t come…, you get the drift. Basically, what I’m saying is that our actions affect other people. In ways that we may never see.

The point of all this, is that (I think) we can actually choose how we act. A lot of people say “oh well, I had this happened so I got mad and I snapped.” and they think that makes their actions ok. That is really not acceptable. You have a choice. One of my coworkers said to me one day, “you are always so happy.” The thing is that I choose to be happy. Now, it doesn’t always work, don’t get me wrong. I have days when I am a horribly moody, feel blah or am sad, just like everyone else. Overall though, I choose to look at at the bright side of things. I choose to try and find the good in people, I choose to not let my day be so bad that I walk around frowning. I choose to see the beauty of life. I choose to see the goodness in other people. And I choose to be happy. Some days it’s hard. Some days I am surrounded by ugliness, and hateful people, and bad feelings. Some days I look at the world and everything that we do to one another and I get so sad. And frustrated. And disgusted. And disheartened. But, then I remember the capacity that people have to do good things. The capacity that our hearts hold for loving. And I remember all of the miracles that are set before us on a daily basis. I remember all the good things in life. And there we go with the ripples again. If you think about the good things in your life and you think about the goodness and kindness that has been shown to you then most often good things happen to you and goodness and kindness does come your way. And of course, if you treat others the way you wish that you were treated, that causes a ripple effect as well.

Some days, I know that everyone get so wrapped up in the things that are going wrong in their lives it’s hard to see the good. But I promise you, it’s there. And maybe, just maybe that smile or complement that you get from a complete stranger is the thing that allows you to see it. I hope each and every one of you make your ripples large and meaningful. I hope each and every one of you touch someone’s lives in a positive way and see firsthand the good that dwells in people’s hearts. Have a great day everyone, until I talk to you to you again. And by the way, here are a few pictures that I don’t think you’ve seen before.

12-02-17 (5)_Fotor12-7-17 (7)_Fotor12-7-17 (10)12-7-17 (11)_Fotor