Catching you up


These are my guys and this is the trip that started this whole idea.  As you are looking at the screen from left to right are: Sterling, my youngest, Rod, my husband, and Spencer my oldest.  My boys are 18 months apart and they are best friends most days.  The other days they are bickering like old women!  I guess that is just how brothers are.  In this picture we are in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan around Christmas last year riding snowmobiles.  Riding snowmobiles is NOT my favorite pastime, but I promised my boys that I would do it with them.  As I am a woman of my word, I saddled up and off we went.  Christmas Day was my favorite day of riding, but overall I had a good time.  The most important thing is that I made awesome memories with my most favorite people on earth…my family.  I do have a daughter who is 24 and lives in Colorado, so unfortunately she is not in on a lot of these adventures.

All the way home I got to thinking about how grown my boys are getting.  As more time passed, I thought about it more and more.  I also thought about all of the amazing pictures I took in Michigan.  I can tell you right now that if I could make a living through the lens of my camera I would be a very happy woman!!  At any rate, I took a few more pictures and then as I was saving them I came up with the idea of organizing them by the month.  Then I thought, “OK, how about I take pictures for a year and see what I have at the end of the year.”  That thought led to: “Oh wow, I could totally take pictures with the boys of all the cool stuff around.”  So, our adventures were born.  It might sound a little crazy, but I really do have a reason for doing this.  I am just not sure if I will remember the cool stuff in a few years.  The past has gotten a little hazy over time and I have watched my memories start to blur around the edges.  I want to keep them sharp and fresh.  I am not willing to lose such important memories so I want to document them.

Time sneaks up on all of us.  Time is such a thief.  Days pass slowly but then you look up and years have gone by without you knowing.  I am going to live each day with my family like it may be my last, which is really a hard thing to do.  It is easy to take our family for granted.  It is easy to lash out at those closest to us.  These adventures are designed to make sure that my family knows how much I love them, how much I want to spend time with them.  Hopefully at the end of the day that will be enough.


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