Teenage Drivers

Goodness what a morning!!!!  First thing this morning I see my son drive off to school in his truck for the very first time. Not the first time he has driven to school, that was hard enough. No, it was the first time he drove HIS truck to school. I will be nervous until he gets home.


Then I was on the freeway going to work and had the unfortunate luck to get behind a drivers education car. After this experience I will say two things, thank goodness my boys don’t drive this way and drivers Ed teachers need a pay hike!    This poor student was getting off the freeway at the same exit I was. Now mind you, there was traffic but I don’t work in a huge city so we are not talking bumper to bumper traffic or anything. At any rate the kid hit the brakes and nearly stopped while we were still on the freeway with a semi coming up behind me!!  Thankfully we got over before I was flattened. Then we proceeded to nearly stop on the entrance ramp. By this time I was scolding the student from my truck. I am sure he couldn’t hear me but at least I felt mildly more calm. Needless to say I think I will hug my boys when I get home and thank them for being as good of drivers as they are.


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