My husband is gone.  No, not for good; but for at least 2 weeks for work.  This is something that we go through frequently.  He owns a drywall business and a lot of the time there is no work around the area where we live so he will travel.  Sometimes it is a nice break for both of us.  It gives us a chance to miss each other and realize why we are so good together.  At any rate, he left yesterday and drove all day.  Today when I woke up I had a text from him and a picture.  It seems he is either trying to rub it in or he has gotten the photography bug like me…I am thinking it is option number 1.  Here is the picture:

HK Virginia Beach 3-30-16 (3)

That man knows that I would love to see that.  Gotta love him.  So, as I was waking up to the Mississippi sky, he was waking up to the sound of the ocean and a sunrise over the water.  I guess if he has to be gone at least he is in a pretty place for it.


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