Preparing for Sunday

I have a day off today.  Thank goodness!!  Actually work is a pretty good place to go.  I am still learning, but I have worked there before.  I work at Chunky River Harley Davidson  as their new Finance Manager.  I think it is a title that I am not deserving of as of yet, but they gave it to me anyway.  I used to sell bikes there and did OK.  I really did like the job, loved the people and had a lot of fun.  So, I am back there which is good, but that means that I get one day off during the week to do all my running around and that day is today.  I had to run into town so I decided that I would scout out locations for our next Sunday Adventure.

I visited the train depot and Highland Park and drove by lots of things that seemed like good places to put on the list.  There are a lot of really neat places to visit.  I also drove over to Union, MS because my youngest son heard about an old hospital that is haunted that we might be able to get into.  I will be darned if I could find that hospital.  I drove around Union and did not see anything that looked like an old hospital.  But, it was an interesting drive.  I always see things that would make a good picture and I meet people that are more than willing to tell me a bit of history or a cool place to go.  At any rate, Sunday is still up in the air depending on the weather, but we have a couple of good leads.  I can’t wait!!  So, here is a shot I got today (without my guys) to tide you over.



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