Today was a slow day at work.  I am still trying to learn but with the weather the way it is, there are not a lot of people walking through the door to buy a motorcycle.  It was with great pleasure that I happened to look up and see my friends Bill and Shea come into the store.  These two are awesome!!  And they are great at helping me find locations for my adventures.  Today was no different.  I got a couple of websites and some ideas and now I have at least 3 pages of a journal filled with ideas of places to go.  I counted them up when I got home: there are only 39 Sundays left in the year.  That means 39 days to try and see obscure history and really neat things and document them with my boys.

That thought is a bit scary.  That means that I am 39 Sundays away from this project being over.  I think I am going to keep it going until they have moved out of the house anyway.  I am just being greedy, but I don’t want to lose the awesomeness of the days that we share.  At any rate, I have this Sunday planned out.  Hopefully it will pan out and be amazing.  I think it will.

While we are waiting, I have a picture to share with you.

Sunset 1-24-16 (9)

This photo was taken at Oktibbee Lake near Collinsville, MS.  Pictured are Spencer and Sterling and their girlfriends.  That was a great day.  I can look at this picture and see how full of life they are.  The sun may be setting in the background, but the sun is really rising on their lives.  I am having so much fun making these memories with them…that is really why I don’t want them to end.


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