Well, today is Sunday.  It is almost 5:00 now and we have had quite a day.  Since we went to quite a few places, I will begin at the beginning and throughout the week I will post another photo of where we went today.  That should actually take a whole week.  We started out early this morning and after we got Sterling’s girlfriend, Chryslynn we ended up leaving the house at 9:53 am.  We also had Spencer and Sterling’s best friend Brady.

Our first stop this morning was Rose Hill Cemetery in Meridian, MS.  We went seeking the grave of the Queen of the Gypsies and the King of the Gypsies, which we found, but we also found some other amazing history waiting for us.  You can read about the King and Queen of the Gypsies here: King and Queen of the Gypsies  Basically the gypsies were camped near the Mississippi-Alabama state line when the Queen died and that is how she came to be buried in Meridian.  Simply because Meridian was the closest city with a funeral home that could handle taking care of her body.  This led to the King being buried here as well as other family members.  I highly recommend reading the history.  One thing that intrigued me was the fact that they had to encase their graves in cement and steel bars to protect them from grave robbers.

4-3-16 (24)1

Another bit of history we found was Charles W. “Savez” Read.  According to the marker in the cemetery he was a native Mississippian who graduated from Annapolis in 1860.  With a crew of 17 he captured 22 Union ships in 21 days and struck terror across the Eastern Seaboard.  It further states that his adventure has been called the most brilliant, dare devil action of the war.  You can read the Wikipedia article about him here:Charles Read.

4-3-16 (21)

Charles Read is buried in a large burial mound that is the final resting place for more than 100 Confederate soldiers and his wife, according to another marker in the cemetery.  There are other graves that we didn’t find and more history that we didn’t unearth today, but I am looking forward to learning more about it later.  I am not sure who is enjoying this more yet, the boys or me.

See you tomorrow with our next stop of today’s Sunday Adventure!!!


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