Union Station

The second leg of our Sunday Adventure was to go to Union Station in Meridian, MS.  Of course it was closed, but Sterling and I have toured it before.  Inside the museum there is a wealth of history.  There is also lots of history on the outside as well.  Some of the history is lost and some is there for you to grab if you know who to talk to.

4-3-16 (49)

Those are replicas of Sherman Bowties.  There are not too many of them around anymore, I have never seen one and everyone that I have talked to says that most of them are gone.  Basically, when General Sherman was marching through the area he gave orders to destroy the railroad…if you can’t use the railroad then you are pretty much cut off.   It says a lot about the people in the area.  The railroad was destroyed, but  I read that repairs to the railroad were completed in just 26 working days.  That is something!

There is also the Miss Alva sitting in the background of the picture above.  Here is a picture from her past: Miss Alva.  According to someone that I spoke to Miss Alva also was in a movie with Doris Day!  She has had quite the life.  I wish she could tell me a few stories!!  Now, she and the other cars are the perfect photo op for the boys and I.

4-3-16 (69)

We spent part of the day looking at history and taking a trip back in time by train.  I know it is a trip we won’t soon forget!  See you tomorrow for the next leg of our adventure!!

4-3-16 (63)


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