Soule’ Steamworks

The next leg of our adventure took us to Soule’ Steamworks in Meridian, MS.  It was closed of course, but the buildings were very cool and there was an old steam engine outside that proved to be a great photo opportunity!

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What we didn’t know is that this factory served the lumber industry in the past.  Basically they made things like timber unloaders and lumber stacking trucks.  The history on their website is an amazing read.  To me it is very cool that there were men that had the vision to invent such things; without them, we would not have half the things we have toady.

I am glad that someone is taking the time to keep history alive with places like Soule’ Steamworks.  The museum looks very cool and it would be a good place to go back to when it is open.  There was general amazement at the workings of the machines that we saw.  All in all it was a really good part of our day.  Hopefully the boys are taking something away from these places.  Something like appreciation of where we have been as a country or appreciation of the hard work of people long gone.  I know that they are enjoying the history we are finding.

Tomorrow we will visit a remnant of the past that no one really seems to know about.  See you then!!


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