Royal Land

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There used to be an amusement park right in Meridian, MS.  It was called Royal Land.  That was the focus of our next stop.  Apparently there is nothing left of the park but this gate, which is overgrown and filled with junk.  I read a story in the Meridian Star about how it was started and when.  It seems Mr. Royal ended up purchasing second hand rides that down on their luck carnies had left at other fairgrounds.  Royal Land grew from there.  It didn’t last long, but it did last long enough to give generations of people something to spark their imagination.

The outside, which is as far as we went looks like a place that zombies might hang out and is super spooky anyway.  Then you add in the fact that my boys encountered their first homeless person there and you have a place that would fit right into a horror movie.  The homeless woman was quite nice, but she did scare them a bit.  They were walking up to the gate and first one turned around and started to whisper something.  Then the other turned around and said that something had scared him.  I asked what and he whispered, “There is a person over there!!!”  I looked and there she sat.  I asked her how she was and wished her a good day and that was that, but the boys got quite a scare out of the whole thing.

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It is sad that something that looks like it was pretty cool is just sitting there rotting, but that is the way of history sometimes I guess.  Tomorrow we will talk about the best and worst place we went on Sunday and the lesson that it involved.  See you then!!!


6 thoughts on “Royal Land

    • Royal Land is in Meridian, MS. If you take the road behind Meridian Music you will drive right past it. If you are heading toward Alabama it will be on your right hand side. Hope this helps


    • Yes. You can take pictures of the Royal Land sign from the street, but it is posted and they take it very seriously. Simply because people have been stealing things and destroying things. I understand their reasoning.


  1. I remember going here when I was a child. I didn’t think there could be anything better than Royal Land. Even when we moved to Houston, Tx in 1968 and I got to experience AstroWorld (later to become 6 Flags), I still dreamed of going back to Royal Land for a visit.


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