As you can imagine, if you read yesterday’s post, I was still pretty rattled after we left there.  We stopped at our next stop and did not really get very good pictures.  This is one I will have to revisit.  But we did stop.  There is a sign on the Frontage Road in Meridian, MS that stands alone.  Once upon a time there used to be a truck stop there and it became a piece of local history.  Everyone I am sure has seen the sign for the Red Hot.  I actually even ate there once with my mother-in-law.  We came down for a visit before we moved here.  I really didn’t know a whole lot about the place other than that until I read this website: Red Hot  The restaurant was also designed by  Meridian architect  Chris Risher Sr..   It is actually really cool to think about all of the conversations that that sign has been privy to.  All of the history that was there: first dates, last dates, reunions, after work stops…just life.

The boys and Chryslynn of course, had to climb on the sign.  I guess that is what teenagers do.  Like I said, the pictures are not the greatest because I was still rattled.  My nerves were shot, but here are two.

4-3-16 (127)4-3-16 (131)

Tomorrow’s post will have me calmed down a bit and on the last leg of our journey.  I have to add that the kids were not rattled at all.  Maybe I am getting old or something…Nah.


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