Sunday Again!!

I am so excited that Sunday has rolled around again.  Originally we were going to go to Rodney, MS today, however my husband thought that maybe we should not go quite so far.  So, I asked the boys and they wanted to see the Witch’s Grave in Yazoo City, MS.  It is an hour closer so off we went.  Honestly, I am not sure that is quite what he had in mind.

At any rate, it took us about 2 hours to get there and it was a gorgeous drive.  We took Highway 16 most of the way and like I said it was gorgeous.  The fields were that deep green that they are in Spring, before all the dust settles on them and the sun hasn’t beat down on them yet.  The trees were deep green too.  We got to Yazoo City and I was not sure what to expect.  As we went down the hill and came into town we started seeing the old homes and buildings and started looking for a place to park.  We found a public parking lot and got out and began our walk into the downtown area.

4-10-16 (6)

I have never seen a downtown like this, it was kind of neat.  We saw old buildings that were painted every color you can think of.  There were all kinds of shops in the buildings and the downtown seemed to be doing pretty well.  It was kind of creepy walking around in the downtown early on a Sunday morning though…we were like the only people there.  It was almost as if there was no one else in the entire town.  We did see the occasional car, but for the most part, there was no one around.

4-10-16 (23)1

This part of the trip was pretty cool.  We learned some history about Yazoo City and learned what there is to do there: Yazoo County  The downtown was gorgeous and so was the drive up there.  We couldn’t wait to see what else the city had to offer.

Tomorrow we will talk about getting and giving directions!!!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Again!!

  1. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for visiting, and thanks for posting! We hope to see you again, soon.

    BTW: Yes, downtown on Sunday is pretty deserted But, if you come during the week during business hours you can barely find a parking space on Main Street. We’ve got a lot of work to do yet, but we are very happy to say our downtown is certainly doing better than many other areas. The business owners who started the colorful building trend on Main have won awards for their hard work.

    If you get the chance, there are many great shopping opportunities in the area. Definitely not on Sunday, though. 😉


    • Yes, I agree, that the business owners have made the downtown absolutely gorgeous. We kind of knew before we went that there would be no businesses open on Sunday, but we were surprised at how dessert it was. I guess, that when you go during church hours that is what you get. Like I said it was a gorgeous city. And we look forward to going back when everything is open. Right now, unfortunately, I can only do Sunday adventures. Hopefully, it will get to the point that I can do adventures during the week and then I would have the opportunity to fully explore the things that different cities have the offer. For now, we get to peek into the life of the city while it is sleeping almost. We get to look, and enjoy, and imagine what the city can be while it is awake. I am sure The change is astounding. It did look like you’re downtown was doing a lot better then a lot of the places that we have passed through. That makes me very happy. It is hard to see such history going to waste in so many places. The story tellers that know the history of our slowly passing on, and my boy his only know the history that we can dig up. That is why it is amazing when cities can preserve what came before us. I firmly believe that in order to move forward we have to make sure that we keep an ion where we’ve been. Your city seems to be doing that, bravo


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