A Shady Spot

After our journey into the past at the Blue Front Cafe we traveled in a Southerly direction.  Eventually we stopped and on the town square of a town I will tell you about tomorrow we came across a magnificent Magnolia tree.  The tree had a low limb that was perfect for climbing.  Since I had three boys with me, the branch was irresistible.  It must be climbed!!  So, it made a perfect photo opportunity.  The tree must have, at one time, had two large trunks because there was a chain wrapped around them both to hold them together.  The tree almost seemed to be asking for someone to climb into it’s heights.  Perfect handholds, perfect branch spacing…It was a tree that was grown just for boys and girls to climb.

Since it was right on the square, I didn’t let them ascend as high as they would have wished to go.  If I had left it up to them, they would have climbed up and touched the stars if I would have let them.  As it was, they climbed enough to satisfy the voice telling them to climb higher and go faster.  The voice that each of us has and most of us don’t listen to.  At this stop it did my heart good to see the joy on their faces as they played around in this majestic tree.  It is a memory that I won’t soon forget.

4-10-16 (63)

By the way, I didn’t know a couple of things about the Magnolia that I learned writing this blog post.

  1. According to Wikipedia, Magnolias were around before bees so they were pollinated by beetles.  That is why certain parts of the flowers are so tough.
  2. Mississippi adopted the flower as the state flower in 1900, they adopted the tree as the state tree in 1952
  3. Magnolia blossoms grow at the end of the tree’s branches
  4. The trees have been on earth nearly 95 million years    AND
  5. Magnolia trees can live 100 years.

All of that is super cool!!  Well, I thought so anyway.  See you tomorrow for more of our Sunday adventure!!



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