Painting the Town

After our stop at the tree, we decided to take in the rest of Canton, MS.  The town itself seemed to be doing rather well compared to a lot of towns that we have gone through. The boys enjoyed taking in the sights around this town.   Canton has a historic town square and it is gorgeous.  All of the old buildings are well taken care of and most house shops of some sort.  Numerous movies have been shot here and there are places where you can tour buildings that were part of a movie set that are still set up that way.  We saw one of these that was from the movie, “My Dog Skip”.  Of course it was closed but it looked neat from the outside.

4-10-16 (74)4-10-16 (75)

From what I have read, much of Canton is on the National Historic Registry.  Whatever they are doing seems to be working.  The town is gorgeous and looks prosperous.  Things that happen yearly in Canton include: a flea market and a hot air balloon race.  You can find out more about about Canton here.   From what I have heard we missed one of the best times in Canton by not going around Christmas.  Apparently they light up the entire square and have parades regularly.  It will definitely be something worth seeing and we will be going back!!

One other thing about Canton was the courthouse.  It sits in the middle of the square and is a beautiful piece of history.  You can just imagine someone coming out and standing on the balcony to announce a long awaited decision to some trial.  You can truly feel the history in this town and near the courthouse.  I have also read that the courthouse often appears in pictures about the South.  It is impressive that is for sure!!

4-10-16 (91)

Canton was an amazing walk back into time.  It was a blend of old and new and it seemed to be working.  There was also much we didn’t see.  We will have to go back for sure.  As always, check out my Facebook page to see all the pictures from this part of the adventure!!  I will see you tomorrow with the last part of our Adventure last Sunday!!


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