The Swamp

For our last stop of the say we went to a cypress and tupelo swamp right off the Natchez Trace.  This swamp has been there for hundreds of years and according to the National Park Service: “Water tupelo and bald cypress trees can live in deep water for long periods. After taking root in summer when the swamp is nearly dry, the seedlings can stay alive in water deep enough to kill other plants. This trail leads to an abandoned river channel. As the channel fills with silt and vegetation, black willow, sycamore, red maple and other trees will gradually replace the bald cypress and tupelo. Don’t hurry, the change will take several hundred years.”  You can visit their site here.  When I am looking at the Trace Sunday Adventures I use this site.

Needless to say, this is a playground for boys!!  It takes them back to being little and wanting to run around and climb on everything.  I think they even thought about playing in the mud.  I know that I heard someone dare someone else to jump in the swampy water.  I had to be the bad guy and put the kibosh to that.  You never know what will happen if you let teenage dares stand!!  I know I heard talk about two of them riding back home naked in the bed of the truck!!

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The swamp makes you think about how different life must have been for those that came here before us.  There were no roads to help them navigate, they had to make their own.  There were no signs that said, “Hey there is a swamp here”.  There were no warnings about alligators, they just had to learn the hard way.  And what a long trip it would be just to travel from my house to say, Jackson; which is only an hour and a half away by truck.  Can you imagine walking all that way??  Mapquest says it would take you 32 hours and 32 minutes to walk there, it is a distance of almost 82 miles.  Can you imagine traveling over several states?  Those early people were pretty tough!

We had a grand adventure Sunday and it gave us a lot of laughs and a lot to think about.  Unfortunately, I have to work this Sunday.  I do only have to work for 4 hours so I am taking them to work with me, handing the camera over to my oldest son and seeing what happens.  He is actually a decent photographer.  Maybe we can sneak in a short adventure on the way home…I will have to investigate that today.  See you next week!!


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