Well, this Sunday I had to work.  It really got in the way of our Sunday Adventure!  I had planned to take a short one once I left work, because the guys came with me but that was not to be.  You see I work in F&I in a Harley Davidson store.  I used to sell motorcycles.  I don’t ride and I don’t have one but that doesn’t stop me.  I am just learning the F&I part so I am still unsure.  One thing I am sure about is that if you have a retail establishment and it is 5 minutes to the time that you are going to close, someone is going to come in and want to look around for 30-40 minutes.  Now as F&I Manager, I have to stay until the last person leaves…just in case they want to buy a motorcycle.  Really cut into Sunday.

We had a big event at the dealership.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  It went pretty well, but there was one thing that I was a little excited about…The Ives Brothers!!!  They do the Wall of Death Motorcycle show.  Basically they have these motorcycles and they run them in this enclosed circular space and do trick riding and the whole nine yards.  I thought the boys would enjoy it so I didn’t go out and watch it Friday or Saturday; I waited for Sunday.  When Sunday came I took them with me to work and on the last show of the day we went out and watched.  The show was really cool.  If they come to a place near you I highly suggest that you check them out.  I don’t know how they do the things that they did…lots of practice I guess.  Unfortunately I couldn’t get a picture of them since my camera is still broken.  I do have a video which I will upload a bit later.  I apologize in advance because it is a phone video.

The boys kept themselves occupied and Spencer even took a few pictures for me.


All in all the day was ok.  I wish that the customers would have had a little more common courtesy and gotten out when it was closing time.  I guess I am silly for thinking that they might actually think about other people.  I mean come on…who goes into a place when they are getting ready to close and spends a bunch of time shopping??  From what I gather lots of people do.  Wake up people!!!  Retail employees want to go home!!  They have had a long day!!!  Come back during normal business hours and we will be more than happy to show you every item in the store!!  Let us go home to our families…let us go on our Adventures!!  Well, that is my public service announcement for today.

Since I didn’t get to adventure this Sunday, I will be posting about one we had before I started this blog.  Until tomorrow then!!


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