Sunsets and Girlfriends

Since I didn’t get to take the boys on an adventure this past Sunday I can take this week to catch up on the ones that we took before I started this blog.  You see, the reason that all this began was that for some reason in January of this year time started smacking me in the face.  Actually I think it started before that but January started the project.  I would walk beside my youngest son and suddenly realize that he was taller than I was.  I would look at my oldest son and realize that he would be moving on with his life in two years.  My baby boys were growing up and would soon be leaving me.  Oh man!  Time for me to want to stop time in it’s tracks.  How did this happen??  Yesterday they were learning to crawl and now they couldn’t wait to go out on Friday night…and NOT with their mom!!

I wanted some way to make memories with them that would last.  Memories that I could hold tightly when they were gone and memories that they can relive when something happens to me.  I mean, we only have a finite amount of time in this life and none of us know how much time that is.  I could die tomorrow or I could live for another 50 years or more.  I just want my boys (and my daughter) to remember good things about our time together.  I want them to remember that I cared.  I want them to know 100% without a doubt that I love them.  I want them to be able to say, “My mom and I did that/went there”.  I wish my daughter were here because I would drag her along too.  I love having Brady along too.  I hope that he remembers our adventures and realizes that I love him too…just like his mom does.

The very first adventure of 2016 was an adventure without Brady but we had both girlfriends; Morgan and Cryslynn.  It really started because I had taken pictures of the couples and I had wanted to get a picture of Spencer and his truck by the lake at sunset.  I still need to do that.  Unfortunately the truck was broke down so we took everyone and went to pick out a spot for the picture later.  We ended up with some awesome pictures of them all as well as the sunset.

Sunset 1-24-16 (3)

Sunset over the lake was absolutely gorgeous that day.  It made me think about how this is really the sunset of my boys’ childhood.  When a new day dawns for them it will be filled with all of the things in the adult world: bills, worry, stress, responsibility…as well as joy, laughter and hope.  My boys are about to be old enough that they won’t depend on my husband and I any longer.  Sunsets are usually as gorgeous as they are bittersweet and this one was no different.

Sunset 1-24-16 (9)

In this picture you can see how happy and full of life they are.  They are prepared to wake up tomorrow as adults and face the world on their terms.  I just hope they are prepared.  I hope I did my job.  You can also see the girls.  My boys both have girlfriends now.  I have to share their attention with these interlopers.  I am not sure any mom is ever prepared for this.  I always knew it would happen but I wasn’t prepared for it to happen quite so soon.  Both girls are very nice, but they are taking my boys farther down the road of life and farther away from me, even if that is not their intention.  Girlfriends are a very high hurdle that every mom must overcome.  I am trying, I am really trying.

Sunset 1-24-16 (12)

Teenagers all welcome the sunset of their childhood I think.  Later on in life they realize that they wish they could have stayed younger for a little longer.  They find out that they should have cherished the days they had.  I think we all do that.  I am learning through this project with my guys that every day is precious.  I notice more things now.  I see more situations that would make good photos, good memories in other words and I am not shy in telling my boys to stand still a minute so I can get the shot.  I think I am learning that if I have to deal with girlfriends and sunsets, well I want all the time that is left in the day that I can get with them.  I am determined to make lasting memories, with the girls sometimes and other times without.  I am determined to watch all the color drain from the sky, to see the brilliant colors that are left so that when I wake to the day that they are beginning their adult lives I will always have the sunset to remember.  So far it has been pretty a pretty spectacular one!Sunset 1-24-16 (23)


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