Well, my husband is home.  Mostly that is a good thing.  The bad thing is that he is not at all interested in going on or being a part of our adventures.  In fact, I kind of think he thinks that they get in the way of work.  In fact, I know he does.  What is worse is that now the boys are going to want to not go out on Sunday because they “have to make money”.  I understand that, I really do, but I thought we were doing something pretty cool here.  And when I told my husband he says, “You are burning them out because you go every Sunday.”  I would like to calmly state this for the record: BALONEY!!!

I am glad that my boys work.  I think it is important that they do.  I wish my husband would join in our adventures, I think he is missing out a lot by not going.  This is the sort of adventures that the guys have:

It might be work and it might be play but it is always big.  And that is okay.  To tell you the truth, snowmobiling is not my thing really.  I mean, I kind of like it…but I don’t like it all the time.  So they can go on their adventures, but I still want mine.  Selfish I guess.  So, if things stay the same as they are right this second, I will have a solo adventure this Sunday.  Kind of not what they are about, but what can you do.  I am kind of addicted to them now.  I enjoy the photos that I get.  I enjoy the history and the things I learn.  So, if I have to I will have a short adventure by myself.  Won’t be the same…Maybe Felix can come…


We would get into trouble for sure!!!  I guess time will tell.  For now, I think I am heading to Jackson tomorrow and I will be taking the camera for sure.


2 thoughts on “Turbulence

  1. You are also teaching Brady so many things that I am thankful for! And I can never thank you for the awesome pictures you are getting of Brady with Spencer and Sterling! Memories for the boys, and pictures I would not have otherwise! So thank uou to you and your family!

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    • Brady is a joy. As a grown up I hope to try and leave them with bits of wisdom that will carry them through life…if I can’t do that I hope they at least have really funny memories!!


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