A Little Help

Sorry for the lateness of my post today.  I was going to continue to tell you about our adventure in Enterprise, MS, and I will, but my husband just gave me a very good topic this evening.  It also ties into what I am trying to teach the boys.

I love animals.  I have dogs, cats (outside) and chickens.  I would try to save any animal if I could and if it was in harm’s way.  I am much the same way with people, but they often don’t want my help or appreciate it when I give it.  It is hard to teach compassion to my boys with the attitude of the world this way.  Well, about a year ago there was a baby owl that had fallen out of a tree near the chicken coop.  And before we go any further, my chickens are all grown so the owl doesn’t pose much of a risk to them.  I saw him and my husband happened to be with me that night.  So, I got a pair of gloves and put him back in the tree.  The little dude needed to stay away from cats and dogs after all.  He almost fell out again while we were watching but in the end, he flew off and I thought that was the end of it until tonight.

I was walking down to do the chickens when my husband said, “Hey babe; you remember that little owl you saved last year?  Well, he lives in this tree and flies out every night.”  The tree is just off my back deck in full view of my kitchen.  I thought back to the little owl that I put in the tree and smiled.  He made it and for whatever reason he chose to live in a tree by my back door.

You just never know how one small action can change the way someone, or something’s life will go.  A kind word, a simple smile, or picking them up when they fall down.  It may make all the  difference in the world to that person.  I try to teach my boys this, and it is hard in today’s world to think about others.  We are all so self-involved that sometimes we don’t see those that are suffering right in front of us.  Today I saw a girl crying and trying to hide it.  She didn’t want to talk so I chose to tell her a funny story and make her laugh.  It was all I could do but maybe it helped.

Maybe, just maybe, sometimes those little things that we do are enough for someone else to get through their day.  I hope so.  And I hope my boys are aware enough to see when someone needs a little help, whatever that may be.

owl that has been living in our tree 6-15-15 (1)


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