The Opry and the Treasure

As we explored Sciples Mill we glanced across the road and there were more buildings, one of which said it was the Water Mill Opry.  This was not open either but we found out that once upon a time it used to be a store, but it is a store no longer.  Every Saturday night the little building opens up and people from miles around come to hear music and dance a dance or two.  Sciples Opry  is a place where people can go and have a good time, converse with their neighbors and make new friends.  It is a place where profanity is not allowed but smiles are expected.  It is a place to hear good music and eat good food.  It’s a place to remember how simple life used to be.

4-24-16 (29)

After we relaxed a while with the guardian dog;  a frightening fellow that wanted nothing more than to be loved on the entire time we were there, we were getting ready to go.  There was a gazebo there that I thought might make a good picture with both boys in it.  So, I asked them if they would and proceeded to take the picture.  As I am sure you have figured out, these boys like to climb, always have.  So, Sterling reaches up and grabs the ceiling beams in the gazebo like he is going to hang from it.  I got ready to snap the picture and I heard, “hey, what is this?  I think it is one of those Geocaching things.”

Geocaching, for those of you not familiar with the term is something that actually caught my attention when I was in college.  What you do is hide a container and log the GPS coordinates.  You then put them on a website and others try to find your container or “cache”.  If you find it, you sign the log and if there are things in the container you can trade them out.  To my youngest son, this is the world’s largest treasure hunt because I am pretty sure that there are geocaches in every state if not in other countries as well.  He has been itching to try so stumbling upon a cache lit his fuse.

He gingerly pulled the box down and began excitedly rifling through the contents while Brady was asking questions.  He found the log book and had us all sign it.  Then he began to see what item he wanted to take from the box.  I told him the only way we could take something was if we left something, so I went to my purse.  Women have everything in their purses.  Once a suitable trade was found he found a shell casing and that is what he wanted to take home as his memento from his first geocache.

4-24-16 (74)

He and Brady are hooked.  Now they want to find geocaches on every adventure if there are any nearby.  I have to say there are a lot of people that go geocaching as a family so we would not be the first or the last.

Sciples Mill was well worth the trip.  The Opry led us to imagine how people used to entertain themselves after a long week of work.  The Geocache opened our imaginations to the possibilities of more hidden locations.  Both boys had a great time at this location and it is one that we will probably visit again.


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