The Adventure of Life

Yesterday was a rainy day.  Our adventures were cancelled for the day.  But, I guess everything really does happen for a reason.  Earlier in the week the daughter of a friend of mine had stopped by the house.  The girl, Kirsten, had gotten married not too awfully long ago and she and her new husband had bought their first home together.  My husband had done some fancy drywall work in the home and now they were ready to paint.  She and Jake came over to ask if I would mind doing the painting of the fancy drywall since it was all brush work, or “cutting”.  I was happy to help.

I used to be a painter.  No, nothing so fancy as an artist, but someone who paints walls in buildings and houses.  Ceilings too…although we try to avoid those, gives you a crick in your neck after awhile.  Sometimes I get the brushes and rollers out and do a job or two here or there.  I like to paint.  A lot of people will find that a kind of strange statement, but I think painting is relaxing.  All you have to worry about is you, the paint and the wall.  You have to make sure and keep the paint where it needs to be, but that is not too hard really.  You can turn off your front mind and just let your subconscious take over.  Well, at least I can because I was a painter for a long time.  Painting time is good thinking time.  Lots of thought run through my head when I paint and usually I end up working through any problems I have.  I guess it must be what meditation is like.

Anyway, as I was painting I was thinking about our Sunday Adventures and how I was missing one.  Then I got to thinking about what an adventure Kirsten and Jake are on.  They are at the beginning of their adventure.  They have so much to look forward to.  They both are wonderful people and have amazing parents.  I can’t imagine just what their adventure will be, but I know it will be a stellar one.

Life is one big adventure.  It is worth all of the effort that it takes each day.  I heard a lyric from a Nickleback song that said “Don’t take a free ride in your own life”.  That is so true.  Life is worth living to the fullest.  So far in our adventures there have been good things and bad things and that is what has made them so great.  Life is the same.  Today I got to be part of someone else’s adventure and I am humbled that she asked me to be.  I am grateful that I was chosen to help them just a little bit on their way, and I look forward to seeing where their adventure together takes them.

Oh, and here is what I painted for them in case you were wondering.  And yes…you guessed it, it is a ceiling.  I do have a crick in my neck but it was worth it!!

Kirsten ceiling finished 5-1-16 (1)Kirsten ceiling finished 5-1-16 (2)


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