Everyday people wait for miracles.  They wait for big signs that God is near.  They wait and they wait but what they fail to realize is that there are miracles unnumbered that we see each and every day.  Each one of us touches or sees a miracle each and every day.  I know I have 3 miracles in my life and those are just the big ones.  I mean my children if you have not figured it out.  I was given the chance to take care of a life for a little while.  I was given the opportunity to help mold a new person into the person that they would eventually become.  I am not saying I did a great job, but I did my best and I hope my best was good enough.  I am still trying to help shape who they will be when they get older.  But let me step back for a minute and focus on the smaller miracles all around us each day.

I believe that grass growing and birds flying are miracles that we are allowed to see.  I believe gorgeous clouds or sunsets are gifts from God.  I believe that each person I meet I am meeting for some reason and they are put into my path.  I believe that the fact that I am alive and aware enough to write this is a miracle.  If you don’t believe me…well, that is your choice.  However I would like to ask you to try and grow grass sometime.  I mean, has anyone ever tried to grow any?  It takes work!!  And sometimes when you do everything right it still won’t grow yet in nature it just grows.  We try to engineer it and make it grow where we want and it ends up growing where we don’t, like in the cracks of your sidewalk.  And with no help whatsoever.  How does that even happen???  It is still the same grass.  Just not where you had planned.  Now this may not seem like a miracle, but the grass had to start growing sometime from something, and not the grass that grows in the crack, the original grass, the first grass to grow…how did it get there?

A miracle is defined as:

  1. 1:  an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs

  2. 2:  an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment

  3. Christian Science :  a divinely natural phenomenon experienced humanly as the fulfillment of spiritual law

This is according to Webster’s online dictionary.  That means that the first blade of grass to grow would be a miracle.  So, when you see something in nature bloom or bud or grow, aren’t you witness to that same miracle?

Now if we fast forward to children I would say that the birth of a child is an extraordinary event.  Therefore, I think that children could be considered miracles.  I guess what I am really trying to say is that each day in life is filled with experiences.  Some are good and some are bad.  Some are uninspiring and some are downright miraculous.  Each experience makes us who we are.  Each experience is a miracle for us.  I am trying to show my boys that life is not just about what you accumulate, not about how much money you have and not about who you can impress.  In the end, we don’t take any of that with us and the only thing we leave behind are the memories that others have of how they were treated by us or the memories that they have with us.  I want to leave my boys with many memories that they can look back on.  I want to make sure they see the miracles all around us.  I want to make sure that they remember touching those miracles with their crazy mom who loves them very much.

What I really want to teach them and leave with them is the knowledge that I had the joy of witnessing the miracles that became Lianna, Spencer and Sterling.  I was lucky enough to be a small part of the future that they have and will create.

Oh, and for today here are a couple of shots of miracles around my neck of the woods.  Hope you find your own today!!

2-29-161 (18)Signs of Spring 2-21-162-2-16 (5)


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