White Christmas

Since we didn’t have an adventure last week, this week’s blog has been my thoughts so far.  Today I was thinking about holidays and our Christmas trip last year.  You see, last year Rod and I bought a house in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  If you were going to buy two homes on opposite ends of the country, that is kind of what we did.  No one ever said we were “normal”.  We really did have a reason.  You see, my husband loves to snowmobile and so do the boys.  It is not one of the things that I want to do all the time, but I did promise both boys that I would try.  One thing that is a hard and fast rule with me is that if I say the words, “I promise”, well…it will get done one way or the other.  Otherwise I don’t say the words.  That is thanks to my grandmother again.  When the boys want something really badly, they make me promise since they know I will not back out of a promise.  So, Spencer made me promise to go snowmobiling with him.  Great.

Last time I was on a snowmobile, both boys were babies.  I had the sled with the absolute worst suspension and I was scared to death all day because we were flying.  I was hanging on so tightly that my hands would not uncurl at the end of the day.  Needless to say, I decided that this was not the sport for me.  I mean, when you have to have someone else undo your bra strap because your hands won’t function you probably should not ride.  In fact, I was probably (and probably still am) an accident waiting to happen.  But, I digress, we are talking about now.  Off we went to Michigan.  And let me say, there is Michigan and then there is the UP.  The UP is a whole different world, and one that is not so different from Mississippi really.  The people are amazing, there are lots of pine trees and the mud is red.  Only they get snow and cold weather.  And there are no snakes that I heard of which was actually kind of nice.

As we waited for an opportunity to ride days passed.  One night Sterling was in the kitchen and he had made a comment about making a snowman.  We had gotten busy and didn’t get a chance.  As I stood at the kitchen window and looked out at the snow I thought, “Why not?”  So I went to find my youngest son and asked him, “Hey, do you want to go out and make a snowman with me?”  His eyes lit up like he was little and it was Christmas morning and he said,


“Sure, why not?”


So we bundled up, just my boy and I and made our way outside into the dark as the snow came down.  The snow was not quite wet enough to be able to form a snowman, but…we were able to make a snow fort.  He and I made a fort, had a snowball fight and generally played like kids out in the snow until nearly midnight.   At one point, Rod came into the kitchen and couldn’t see us outside in the dark.  It is a good thing that he didn’t come outside; we had snowballs waiting.  Once we were done, we headed inside and had a cup of hot chocolate together.  It is a memory that I will always cherish with Sterling.  One that I am so happy to have been able to make.  Had I just gone to bed the moment would have flown by and never would have come around quite the same way again.  I think that it was that moment that really spurred the Sunday Adventures into being; and I am so glad for it.


We did wake up on Christmas morning and find that there was enough snow to ride the snowmobiles.  I have to say that we went through some of the prettiest scenery.  The snow was heavy and hanging on the pine trees and there was not another person in sight.  We had the trails all to ourselves.  We only went out for a little while and at one point they told me it was my turn to lead.  I was worried about not going fast enough so I was going about 70 down a pretty straight trail when I really started to look around.  Then I slowed down and started looking.  This was a perfect spot to take a picture!  I stopped and motioned them to stop and explained what I wanted.  The picture that I was my favorite is this one.  I think I am going to hang it in the house up there.  Until they knew what I wanted, they thought I was just a little crazy.  Maybe they still do.DSC_0164

After Christmas I really didn’t ride a lot.  Christmas was my favorite day.  Not too cold, just us four and no one else out.  We took our time and I saw some beautiful scenery.  I did go out with them a couple more times, but Rod’s friend was there and the riding was totally different, so I felt like more of an anchor than an asset.  Oh well, they have been riding together for years.  I enjoyed my daily 1 1/2 mile walk to and from Lake Superior.  I have to say, that Lake is amazing and I would make sure and walk there everyday.  Some days the boys would come with me.  Those were awesome days.  Other days, it was just me, and that was ok too.  This picture is a day the boys came.


All in all the trip was amazing.  Check out the Facebook page for more pictures.  I have to say that I will be more than happy to go back again.  I love Mississippi, but I can truly say that I have missed having a White Christmas.  I am so glad to have gone and even more blessed to say that I got to share it with my family.

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