Last night we had Cryslynn over for her birthday dinner.  She is Sterling’s girlfriend and has been on a few adventures with us as well.  It was an enjoyable evening and reminded me of Sterling’s birthday not so very long ago.  My youngest son turned 15 this year.  It really doesn’t seem like that should be possible and his girlfriend just turned 16 last night.  Time is talking to me again.  Not so very long ago my youngest son was still a little guy


and now…

Sterling 15th Birthday (17)

I can’t stop time, no matter how hard I try; and believe me I have.  All I can do is navigate the flowing waters of this river that I am rushing down.  I can take in all the sights and experiences that I see on my ride.  Birthdays can be hard days though.

When we are little, a birthday is an event!  It is something that we wait for all year and talk about for the next year.  When we are teenagers we wait even more anxiously, to turn 16, then 18 and finally 21.  Now I wait with trepidation.  Each birthday brings them closer to leaving.  But, I still celebrate with them and yesterday I got to celebrate with Cryslynn.  It was good food and good conversation, and a good cheesecake to boot.  (I always make the birthday dinners from scratch, always have).  She enjoyed it and my son lights up when she is around so I enjoyed it as well.

Finally the night came to an end and we had to take her home and then I got alone time with him.  That was the best part.  It was only for a few minutes in the truck, but we always have some of our best talks while driving.  I have been pretty stressed lately and it helped sooth the edges of my frayed soul, they are both usually good at that.  Tomorrow is another day and this birthday is over.  I hope it is one that Cryslynn will remember for a long time as a good one.  So, I just want to say; Happy Birthday Cryslynn, I am happy that you have come into our lives.  I hope this year and every year after are the best of your life.  You will be an awesome woman someday, have fun getting there!

Sterling 15th Birthday (6)


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