Old Traditions

It is funny the things I am learning on this journey of ours.  I am learning all kinds of things about Mississippi and some things that I never imagined.  There is a really good website for obscure things called: http://www.onlyinyourstate.com/ that has all kinds of interesting things and places to go along with an explanation of them.  I really like it.  One of the topics that I saw this morning was things that were illegal in Mississippi.  One of them was that if you attended an Ole Miss game it is “illegal to cheer unless there is a reason to.” and it is illegal to “sell poison to children”.  There had to be a reason for these laws at one time, but the fact that they are there makes me laugh, and all states have them.

I end up talking to all kinds of people about our adventures and the things I have learned and end up learning more and finding more places to go.  Most people love the idea.  I had a principal of a school tell me he was going to plagiarize the idea to use with his own son and a couple from Georgia that I spoke to had done something similar with their kids only on a much grander scale.

Last Saturday I was talking to a couple from around here and we were talking about Sunday Adventures of course, I was at work and they were not ready to buy a motorcycle, so…  Anyway there were telling me about a cemetery with Civil War Soldiers in it and that led to the following conversation:

“My mother told me a story about cemeteries that her mother had told her.”


“Do you know why, in the white cemeteries, that there are graves that are facing west instead of east?”

“No, I had noticed some graves were facing the other way, but never knew why”

“Usually they have the same names on them.  You see, people are buried facing East because it says in the Bible that that is the way the Lord will come.  If you see headstones with the same name but they are facing West those are the graves of their slaves.”

Now, I have done my due diligence and tried to find reference to this online, but the only thing I came across was a website  that talked about an African tradition about how the “slaves read in the Bible that the angel Gabriel would come from the east, and so they wanted to be facing in the same direction as Gabriel did when he came at the end of time.”  That website was actually pretty informative about different traditions and customs.  It is interesting to me to learn about all of the things I am learning and passing on to the boys.  Some of it is good, and some of it is bad, but it is all very real.  I will say again that I firmly believe that the only way we can avoid the mistakes of the past is to really see where we have been as we head into the future.  History is being rewritten every day and that is sad.  We are keeping little bits and pieces of it alive, at least in our house.

I never know what interesting tidbit I will pick up next, but I am loving the journey!  Who knows what new treasure we will unearth.  We are learning about old traditions while we are making new ones.

For today, here are a couple shots of a cemetery in Philadelphia from earlier this year.  Sunday is rapidly approaching and new pictures will be up!

2-14-16 (3)2-14-16 (15)2-14-16 (16)


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