Sunday Again!!!

Well, Mother’s Day was an amazing day for me.  I got to spend it with 3 of my favorite kids and my daughter called me from Colorado.  Great Day.  This will be the last adventure for a bit, since I will have to work on Sunday for the next 2 weeks.  After that, we should be in Michigan for the last Sunday of the month and that will be an adventure all it’s own.  For now, let’s stick to yesterday.

We started off around 8:30 Sunday morning and I had the route all planned out.  After a few vehicle substitutions we ended up driving Sterling’s H2 and he started the day as our chauffeur.  As we were heading to our first destination we were laughing and talking when we rode by a body shop.  Sterling and I both said, “Oh wow, what good pictures”, so you guessed it…we turned around.

Now Sterling being Sterling decided to turn around on a road, but then he saw some horses so we had to follow the road down a bit to take a closer look at the horses.  That boy is something!  Once we got back to the body shop we all piled out to enjoy the first part of our day.  The trucks were rusty and old and totally cool!  Some were for sale and others were just there for decoration.  I am sure that people were passing by wondering what in the world we were doing, but we were simply doing what we do.  We stop and see stuff, we look at each moment in life when we are together and really SEE it.  We notice the world around us.

Things may be changing at our house, but that will stay the same.  My boys (and Brady) and I really SEE each other.  They know me as well as I know them.  They are all so important to me and I never want our relationship to change.  I think that if we take the time to engage with each other we will stay close.  I hope so.  I want to be a part of their lives for a long time.  I am their Mom after all.  I love them more than anything in the world.  Hopefully they will always remember that.

For now, I know that they know I love them, they love me and they enjoy Sundays as much as I do so here are pictures of the first part of our journey.  See you tomorrow for another stop!



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