Symbols and Waterwheels

After we got done at the body shop we made our way to Louisville.  I wasn’t really sure where exactly we were going, but I had been to the town before at least.  We were looking for a Waterwheel and for a theater so who knew where we were really going.  Sterling was doing very well driving us into the unknown though, so I just sat back and navigated.  Sometimes that is not the best option either!!

As we entered Louisville we looked around for things that would make the city stand out, but we just saw a quaint town.  According to the city website Louisville was established in 1836.  The town seemed to be doing quite well and I am sure that we missed most of the history of the place.  One thing that we did want to check out was the Strand Theater.  According to the research that I have done, this theater had a hospital or clinic on the upper floors that was open at the same time as the theater.  This to me was very interesting.  Another interesting feature of the building is the prominent symbol located in the middle of the front of the building.

5-8-16 (28)_Fotor

The symbol is Sanscript for “It Is Good” and has been used for over 3,000 years.  Although I had to make sure and let the boys know this because the first thing that they said is, “There is a Swastika on that building”  And I have to admit…if I had not done the research I would have wondered why it was there as well.

Downtown is filled with historic buildings and in the middle of the road is a statue…a memorial really.  To World War I veterans.  We stood in the middle of the street on a Sunday afternoon and read every word on the statue.  It was almost a tribute of our own to the men who had gone before us and paid the ultimate price so that we could stand there.

5-8-16 (34)

After we read the memorial we decided that we were going to head out of town and try and find the water wheel.  Before we did we saw another building to take a picture of.  I think I actually drive the boys nuts sometimes.  Especially if they are driving.  Sterling stopped in the middle of the road so that I could take a picture of the side of a building.  I am so glad that it was Sunday!!  After that we had to determine which way North was.  I will tell you right now, I am glad that Siri is better with directions than I am.

We found the road and started out of town.  We really hadn’t gone that far when we saw a water wheel on the side of a glass lakehouse on a pond.  It was actually a pretty strange sight for a field in Mississippi.  The gate was open so we pulled in.  This was awesome!!  You could see right inside the house/cabin and there was a huge fish mounted on the wall, along with the bare necessities.  It really looked like it was just a place to hang out, have a cold drink and maybe catch a fish or two.  With the fountain and the water wheel, I bet it would be very relaxing.

5-8-16 (37)

We didn’t see what, if anything was upstairs, but it was a refreshing change of pace from the downtown.  There was laughing and joking and I thought I was going to have to find a store and buy towels.  It ended up that No one went in the water or on the wheel so I didn’t need the towels after all…it was a close thing though.  I have no idea why someone would build this here.  Maybe they wanted to make sure that the fish had enough oxygen…I have no idea.  I am just glad that they did.  My boys were all checking out the entire perimeter of the lake house and coming up with grand schemes of how they could get each other wetter.  It made for a good memory.5-8-16 (43)

After this stop we were on to more out of the way places, but this was a nice relaxing place to take a minute to laugh a little and make a couple of new memories so thank you to whoever built the wheel.  We appreciated every bit of it.

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