French Camp, MS

After we made our way back to civilization from Hamill Spring we turned the Hummer toward French Camp, MS.  I had been trying to get us here for over a month now and something always seemed to come up.  I was hoping that it was going to be worth the trip.  We pulled into town and the first thing we saw as we neared the Trace was a gorgeous field with horses in it.  We didn’t even look to the right where the actual historic buildings were!!  So we crossed the Trace to turn around and there it was!

French Camp was established in 1810 when a Frenchman established a trading post here.  Origianlly the Choctaw people called it Frenchman’s Camp and later the name was shortened according to Wikipedia.

There was a whole village from the 1800s.  We drove down to the Bed and Breakfast and parked and began walking.  Of course nothing was open, but there were signs and pictures everywhere and everything was just sitting out so it was more of a self-guided tour.  Since there was no one there it really was like a step back in time.  We started at the museum where we got to see things like old cookstoves and a lathe and then we moved on to the tractor sitting in the yard.  The boys had fun climbing on it.  They were actually comparing that tractor to our tractor and wondering which one would be more comfortable.  Then we rounded the curve and there sat another small building.

5-8-16 (78)_Fotor

We decided to explore the building a little bit just because it was so neat.  It looked like it was a barn of some sort, with the wagon and the feed sacks but we didn’t see any animals at first.  I wandered off and found a few friends waiting in the lower part of the barn.

5-8-16 (82)_Fotor

They were very sweet and seemed to like the attention.  After I walked away I guess they got a little rambunctious because the one pictured here was trying to get after another one and I guess Brady’s finger somehow got in the way and the little due bit him!  I don’t know exactly what happened but I know that they were laughing about it right after that.

There was so much to see here that I am going to divide this post into two days.  Across from the barn was a blacksmith shop, there was even a bellows lying there.  I can only guess that they really use it during the week at times.  From their website I see that they also give old fashioned horse and buggy tours.  What a ride that would be!!

5-8-16 (77)5-8-16 (67)

So far the village has been an awesome experience and one the boys are loving.  There is really old stuff and cool things to see.  Take some time out and go back in history at French Camp, I promise it is well worth it.  Also, check out my Facebook page for more pictures of the first part of our tour at French Camp.


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