Still at French Camp

Once we had wandered through the blacksmith shop and a couple of other small buildings we came upon the old Post Office.  Now it is being used as a Pottery Shop.  It looks like when it is open you can actually make pottery there.  All I know is that I walked up and the boys were asking if I had any money.  There was pottery on the table that you could take if you left a donation.  After Spencer and Brady went and got the truck and pulled it up to the visitor’s center we each donated something and took a piece of pottery with us.  I am starting to have a collection of things that we have found/bought on our adventures.  I really enjoy that each piece has it’s own story.

After the Pottery Studio we came to the house of Colonel James Drane.  Apparently he was a very distinguished Colonel and was a well respected man as well as a member of the legislature.  His home has been moved from the original location and is on display at French Camp.  There are rooms that are set up as if the family just left and from what I have read there are actual blankets that are still made the old way that you can sometimes watch.  Of course, it was Sunday so there was none of that.  Out the back of the house, which was built in 1846, there was a tree that was definitely worth climbing and so Sterling did.  I have yet to meet a tree that boy does not want to climb.  In fact, I saw the tree and pointed it out to him.

The tree made for a couple of really good shots with the boys though.

5-8-16 (113)

If you continue around the trail you will come across a couple more buildings and then the Cafe and the Welcome Center.  I have heard that the Cafe has REALLY good food, so maybe next time we will give it a try.  The last part of the exhibit was machinery set out in a field.  From the signs that I read there they made syrup here.  The machines looked to still be in working order and they captured the imaginations of all three boys.

5-8-16 (135)

5-8-16 (139)

I do know that in September and October they advertised that they make sorghum like they did in the pioneer days.  It is always interesting to me to see how things were done by our ancestors, I hope to make it back to check it out.

French Camp was such a cool place to stop off at, like I said, I highly recommend a visit there.  I am sure that we would have gotten more out of it had the visitor’s center or the Cafe been open, but that is what happens on Sundays!!  We have one more stop that we made that I will take you to tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have to work for the first time.  I have a short journey planned so we will see how it goes.  I think it will be a good trip.  I guess the point is the making of the memory not a whole BIG adventure.  I think some of our smaller adventures have been just as good.  Two Sundays of work and then a Sunday in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Brady won’t be there but I know that there will be things for us to get into.  I am already checking out hiking gear!  Wherever life takes us and whatever we are doing, the boys and I will have an adventure…this has begun a lifestyle of sorts, one I don’t want to give up even when they are gone.  For now, I am enjoying taking the time to immerse us in the things around us.  I hope some of you take the time to do the same!!
5-8-16 (101)

As always you can view more photos on my Facebook page


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