Final Stops

After French Camp we traveled down the Natchez Trace, made a stop at Cole Creek and headed toward home.  Everyone was getting a bit tired and I knew I had been gone longer than my husband was probably liking.  Cole Creek is a quick nature walk on the Natchez Trace.  Definitely stop there.  It is a little unnerving walking through the swamp.  It makes me think of two things: 1.) This is how our ancestors got here.  I mean, this is the kind of terrain that they walked through not knowing what was ahead.  They were made of pretty strong stuff.  And 2.) What if there are alligators and snakes that I run across.  I would love to see them, just not up close and personal!

5-8-16 (160)

5-8-16 (171)

I think people are actually stronger than we realize we are.  I mean, our ancestors left whole countries not knowing what the future held for them just for the opportunity for a better life.  I hope my boys understand that.  I hope that somewhere inside them they have that core of resilience and the fortitude that our ancestors had and which seems to be so lacking in society today.  I don’t need them to navigate through swamps, but navigating through life can be just as tricky at times.  That is where I hope I have done my job as a parent well.  I will never know if they make it to their final stop in life or not because I will be gone…all I can do is show them the way and give them the tools.  I have faith that they will make it to their final stop in a way that will make me proud.  I have good boys, (and Brady too of course!) and I know that all three of them will be amazing men.

5-8-16 (200)

For our adventure on Mother’s Day, I decided that we needed to make one more stop.  There is a park in town that I saw had cool things for them to climb on.  So, even though Sterling was sleeping, Spencer was texting and Brady was…well he was just being himself, we stopped.  I am so glad we did.  It may not have been the most awe inspiring moments of the day but they were definitely worth remembering.  I think in the end that is what Sunday Adventures and life in general is really about.  It isn’t about the destination, it is about the spaces in between and the memories that you make there.  It is about the smiles that you leave behind and the memories that are etched on your heart.  If this were to be my final stop I would say that my journey has been the most amazing one that I could ask for.  I have three boys and a daughter that I love and memories of all of us that will carry me through the rest of this life and beyond.  My heart is full and as I write this I know that I am so blessed.  Do I want more…Most Definitely, I am kind of greedy that way, but right now…this minute…I am a perfectly happy mom.  Our next adventure might not be for a couple of weeks but I have come to realize that adventure is where you find it and memories are waiting to be made, whether it is a grand adventure or just making supper together.  Right now I don’t know my final stop but I know that wherever it is will be right where it was meant to be.  And I am perfectly OK with that.

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