Living Here

I wasn’t born in Mississippi.  That might shock some of you, but I wasn’t.  I was actually born and raised in Iowa.  We moved down here in 2005 for my husband’s business and have been here ever since.  In fact, Sterling has never gone to school anywhere else.  To us, this is home.  Iowa is nice, but Mississippi wrapped me in her arms and made me feel at home in a way that Iowa never could.  At first we lived in town…not so great, but then we found a place in the country and it has been awesome.

5-15-16 (5)

Mississippi offers all kinds of things for all kinds of people, but living here there are a few things that you learn.

  1. Manners are not something that has been forgotten.
    1. Please, thank you, sir and Ma’am are expected.
    2. Anyone older than you is either Miss or Mr.
  2. Getting to know someone is paramount to getting any business done.
    1. Everyone knows a little something about you and genuinely cares what happens in your life.  Your mailman remembers your name, the waitress knows how you take your coffee, the guy you buy lumber from asks after your family…you get the picture
  3. Anyone is given a chance to prove themselves
  4. Just about one chance is ever given
  5. Mississippians will give you the shirt off their back if you need it but will expect you to do the same in return.
  6. If we hear that someone needs help, we all pitch in.
  7. We are proud of where we are from, it is a great place!
  8. We still have the morals and values that the country was founded on.
  9. We believe in God, but also believe that if you don’t, that is your choice
  10. You might be different than we are, but that doesn’t make you any better or worse than us.

Above all, we have some of the prettiest country out there.  Although that can be said of a lot of places.  I love living here.  I love having been given the opportunity to come home.  I love the fact that this is the only place my boys will ever call home.  They were so little when we moved that this is their home.  Living here is different than living in Iowa, and my husband at times has a hard time adjusting, even now.  For him, the laid back, caring lifestyle of most of us goes against everything that he is.  He is fast paced and brusque.  He gets things done and knocks down obstacles.  Living here, he still hasn’t learned how to flow around or work with the obstacles.  Sure it takes a little longer but I think the foundation ends up being stronger for it.

Living here may not appeal to everyone.  Everyone might not like nature and manners and good food.  Everyone might not like a slower pace and people knowing their name, but it is good for me.  It is good for my boys and for now, that is all that really matters.

I caught a couple good shots after work on Sunday as I was taking a walk around the pond on the way to feed the chickens.  Enjoy!

5-15-16 (9)

5-15-16 (12)5-15-16 (19)


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