I was having camera withdrawal yesterday so I decided I had to get something and what I found was pretty cool.  After I got the pictures I went on with my day and often the pictures would creep back into the front of my brain.  I would think how sad it is that these buildings are falling into disrepair.  Which would lead to the thought that there are whole neighborhoods disappearing.  As I continued to mull this over subconsciously I continued working.  In my job I talk to a lot of people and one of them yesterday has lived in the area his entire life.  I asked him for locations for our Sunday Adventures and he started telling me, “Well, this used to be here and this was here, but they are gone.”

I know change is good, I understand that.  I just hope that we remember where we have come from.  Our past is what makes us who we are today and in the future.  And not the past that they spoon feed us, the real past.  The nitty gritty past that was actually lived through.  The good, the bad, the stuff we wish we hadn’t done and the stuff that we wish we could do again.  It all comes together and makes us who we are.  We have to remember where we came from.  I am trying to teach my boys that, and I think I am succeeding.  They know that their mother is not perfect and did not always make the right choices.  Sometimes my choices were pretty stupid looking back at them, but, I had to make them to grow into who I am today.  No choice is ever wasted if you have learned something from it.

Remember the past as it was, don’t live in it, but learn from it.  Tomorrow will be better because of it.



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