The Spectrum

I am in sales.  Well, sales and F&I.  Really what I do is sell stuff to people.  I am the person that finds a way to make it ok for you to buy the big item.  I sell dreams and freedom and I am not half bad at it.  I never imagined that I would end up selling stuff, it just happened.  I needed a job and I saw an ad in the paper.  The sales manager at the time gave me and one other person a shot thinking that one of us was going to fail…I thought for sure it was going to be me.  I had never sold anything in my life and had no idea where to begin.  With luck I had an amazing sales manager who didn’t mind training people that wanted to learn.  He took my inexperience and molded it into something that could make both of us money.  The F&I thing I am still learning.

One thing that has stood out has been that really, a good salesperson just has to be good at listening to people, tell them the truth and think outside the box.  That is it.  Basically approach the sale like I do life.  I have sold things that cost over $40,000 and things that cost under $10,000 and never once have I had a problem asking for that kind of money.  I have heard that some salesmen do.  People come to me knowing that they are looking at a luxury item that has a good price attached to it.  They are either going to buy or they won’t, but I won’t ever lie to them, try to cheat them or try to steal from them, not my style.

What all of this is leading up to is this.  Today there were 3 sales, one was a couple I was working with and 2 were from another salesman.  All were nice people I am sure, but they were all different examples of society.  The two that stuck out as the most opposite were the couple and the young man.  The man was under 21 and had an air of disrespect about him that is indicative of his generation.  He had no more time for me than the man in the moon.  In fact, at one point he asked me, “Am I done yet?”  “Sure.  I will just print this out for you and come find you.”  I mean, the professional and polite thing to do would be to calmly let me finish and actually listen to the information that I was giving you.  I sincerely hope that my children never act this way toward someone that is working for them.

At the other end of the spectrum is a family that I have know for some time.  I have been helping them purchase their dreams for years now.  They are young and have a son who I have watched grow into the young man he is now.  I have watched as they have changed jobs, struggled and sacrificed and also as they have triumphed; and I only get small peeks into their lives.  I enjoy them both, and their son very much.  They are younger than me and approach life differently, but they are still respectful and appreciative.  I am honored that they have allowed me to be a part of their lives.  Both of them are amazing people and I know that they have great things ahead of them as they continue down their path of life.

I am not sure where society went wrong.  I see far more people like the young man than like the young couple.  I see too many people that have no respect for anyone and probably not even themselves.  I see them daily.  I see the people that want something for nothing.  I see the people that lie so that they don’t have to pay for something that is really their fault.  I see those that take advantage of others.  I see those that only think of themselves.  However, I also see those that give the shirt off their backs to help someone.  I see those that face adversity daily with a smile on their face.  I see men and women who work very hard for their money and are judged by others daily, yet take it all with a smile on their face and a graciousness that puts most to shame.  I see those that try to find the good in everyone, and it is there, always.  Sometimes it is hidden, but I truly believe that each of us has an innate goodness that is waiting to be let out.  I see the whole spectrum of society.  Unfortunately I am starting to see more good than bad.

I try to remind my boys to be like the young couple all the time.  Be someone that others will be proud to call a friend.  Be the one that people can count on, but most of all don’t lose the respect of others, or of yourself.  If they can live life like the young couple I couldn’t ask for more.

Meanwhile, since I have had no adventures due to work…here are a few pictures from West Virginia.  It is gorgeous there and they have awesome ATV trails, I highly recommend them.  Next week will be Upper Peninsula adventures with the boys, my husband and Brady so I should have lots of great shots to share with you then.  After that, we will be back to adventuring around Mississippi!!

at the train trestle (20)butterflies at the creek (4)mountaintop selfie

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