Bridge Hunt

Yesterday Sterling, Cryslynn and I decided we were going to head out and look for adventure where we could find it.  We headed south and went off looking for a particular bridge.

Old bridges are cool.  They have cool structures and who knows who may have stood on them at one time or another.

This one sits right beside the highway as you are heading to Enterprise, MS.  According to, this bridge is a Parker through truss bridge.  It was built in 1926 and refurbished or fixed in 1937.  They bypassed the bridge in 1994.  It is 351 feet long and it rises out of nowhere as you round the curve and sits with vines growing over the trusses now.DSC_0003_Fotor

This bridge is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places, so I guess it is not going anywhere.  It would be really cool if they replaced the approaches and made it into some sort of park or picnic area.  I don’t think they asked my opinion though and more than likely this once great piece of construction will sit here like it is until it slowly rots away.  Such a shame.


As Sterling and Cryslynn gazed at the bridge I heard their imaginations take flight.  I heard things like: “I think we can make it” and “Don’t even think about it.”  I am sure they were discussing whether or not the Hummer could make the jump, but I am not sure.  It made an awesome picture though.  It also reminded me how things like this bridge have been capturing imaginations for generations.  Not always about jumping the bridge, (I hope anyway), but about the things that could be accomplished with a little hard work.  As we walked back to the Hummer and prepared to leave, the sun smiled down on us and for a minute there were not other sounds but the sounds of nature.  For a minute, we were transported back in time to a place where things moved a little slower and the worries that we all deal with were far away.


We moved on to the next location on our list, but the first bridge of the day still makes me stop and think.  All the history it has seen and continues to see and still it stands.  The things that seem so large and out of control will also pass on and in the end, time marches on.  Makes our problems seem not so big.  Anything is manageable if you just give it some time.  That is the lesson from the first bridge of the day.  I hope it is one that the kids picked up on.


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