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We have a new vacation house in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  My husband loves to snowmobile so it makes sense.  We are almost like a couple of bi coastal property owners though.  The UP is pretty much as far north as you can get and Mississippi is obviously on the other end.  Kind of crazy but it works.  Well, the house is pretty new to us.  I have only been able to stay in the house one other time and that was during the winter, so when my husband wanted to plan a vacation in the summer for up here I was all for it.

In the time between buying the house and now I have gone back to work so my schedule actually has to be scheduled and I can’t just leave on a whim.  I mean, they are pretty good about it, but still I am not as free as I was.  We planned the vacation and I told work when I needed off.  OK.  Everything is a go.  Then Rod’s job that he is working on ran over so we had to move the vacation.  Then it ran over again, move it again.  Finally we set the date and this is it.  I have taken a half day off work and I am packed and ready to go…job is not finished.  Now what??  My husband says that I can either wait and hope that the job is done and we can leave on Monday or I can drive myself….I have never driven myself any distance longer than Iowa to Wichita and this trip would be 18 hours.

Sterling assures me that I can do this and so we start out, it is just another adventure right?  Well, like any good adventure we end up taking a different route.  The GPS in the truck was going to take me on a route that would take me 21 hours…Google Maps said 17 and some change.  So, of course we followed Google Maps.  Now, maybe my phone knows that I like adventure, maybe it was the trip planning Gods keeping me out of the large cities or maybe it is just me but the route we took was one that my husband NEVER would have taken.  You see, US Highway 45 begins in the town where we bought our house and that highway ends in Mobile, AL.  It was one of the first north south highways. When I found that out I, of course, wanted to take it someday.  Well..I took most of it.  I did OK at first, then somewhere I made a wrong turn and ended up staying on Hwy 45 for most of the trip.  Rod would call and ask where I was and I would honestly tell him that I had no idea.

“As long as this phone is heading us North, at this point we are going to follow it.”

We ended up passing through little towns that maybe I really didn’t want to see in the daylight, but also cute little towns that I wish I could have seen.  We drove from 6:30 in the evening and arrived in Ontonagon at 3:30 their time.  We did pull over for an hour or so to sleep.  And, in true adventure style it took forever to find a place to pull over too.  All in all it was an ok trip and I learned that I CAN drive here if I want to.  5 hour energy drinks and cold AC were involved, but we made it.  I did something that I thought I couldn’t and thanks to Google Maps I may have taken a crazy route but it was actually probably perfect for us.

We did take a small adventure yesterday and got some pretty pictures.  Cryslynn came with us on this trip and of course Lake Superior amazed her.  Rod and Spencer should be here sometime late Tuesday, but until then we are going to adventure.  I mean, we drove all this way so we are going to have fun!!  So, I guess today’s lesson was one for me:  When you think you can’t do something just pull out Google Maps and give it a go.  What’s the worst that can happen?



2 thoughts on “Google Maps

  1. Cool, Gena!

    Looking forward to reading more adventure! Y’all be safe and have a great time.

    BTW, I depart Tuesday for Russia and will return in about a week. I’m sure I’ll write about it in my weekly column.

    dg >


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