After our stop at Copper Peak I had wanted to drive down the Black River Scenic Byway and we were right there, so off we went.  On the Byway there are five main waterfalls and it ends at the Black River Bay.  Sounded like it should be a pretty trip.  It sounded like a trip that would be pretty easy…not too difficult…well, it wasn’t too difficult, there were just a lot of stairs.6-5-16 (46)


It was the first time that Cryslynn had seen anything like this outside of a movie so Sterling got the joy of showing it to her.  The first waterfall was an easy walk and it was gorgeous.  The power of the water was amazing and it rushed over the rocks just like it had done for thousands of years.  6-5-16 (66)_Fotor

The waterfall was magnificent and we spent our time there and then it was time to move on.  So, we walked the 3/4 of a mile back to the truck and moved on.  The next waterfall was close to the road but there were stairs to get to it.  No big deal, Just a few stairs…Oh no, there were a lot of stairs, but they were doable.

6-5-16 (67)_Fotor

As we moved on to each waterfall there were more and more stairs.  Just when we thought we couldn’t and wouldn’t climb another stair, we would come across another set.  I never realized that there could be so many stairs along one road to visit a few waterfalls.  Oh, they warn you. There are signs that say something like..”Hey, this is pretty steep, pace yourself”.  They have benches and landings for you to rest.  At one waterfall we counted over 200 stairs just to get to the viewing platform for the waterfall.  I am telling you, each waterfall we would leave we would say, “If there are stairs at the next one we are not going.”  Well, we went to each and every one, even with the stairs.

I thought for sure that we would all be sore the next day, but we were okay.  I guess our lesson for yesterday was that if something is worth seeing it is definitely worth the climb, no matter how many stairs there are.

6-5-16 (86)


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