Just a Day

It is amazing how much can be fit into the amount of time a person is awake.  Take yesterday (and this morning) for example.  We got up and the ADT guy showed up…we had no heat in the house when we got here.  Something to do with the thermostat that ADT had installed.  Let me tell you, the thing is nice…except for if it breaks and you show up and your house is cold!!!  (Luckily the house also has electric heat so we were okay).  Anyway then we poked around a few shops in downtown Ontonagon and then we decided to take the tour of the Lighthouse.  According to the website, and our very knowledgeable tour guide;  this lighthouse was built in 1866.  One part had been added to it, but overall it is very much as it was the day it was built.

The historical society has kept the lighthouse looking as it would have in 1916 and everything that you see in the lighthouse is in working order.  Let me tell you, there are things in there that I would love to own.  There was a working woodburning cookstove, an old refrigerator and a really cool counter work area with a compartment for a flour sifter.  There was also an old wringer washing tub, I hesitate to call it a machine because my grandma had one of those that she used regularly and that was not what this was!  All in all the tour was amazing and well worth doing.  Our guide was knowledgeable and funny.  It was such an interesting couple of hours!


Once we were done there we headed home because Rod and Spencer were due to arrive.  They finally got here and we were all glad to see them.  Once that was done we had to do some minor home improvements and supper had to be made, (chicken and dumplings!!)  Time up here seems to fly by too.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Sterling and Cryslynn had taken a walk and made a bet and had decided that the loser had to become a real Yooper and jump into Lake Superior.  The water is probably 42 degrees and it was 55 degrees outside.  They did it though.  I am pretty sure I will be doing the same thing before we leave.  It was pretty funny though.


Since it was a clear day I wanted to try and get pictures of the sunset on Lake Superior and Sterling really wanted a bonfire.  We dragged Spencer down to the beach in the cold wind and found some spectacular sights waiting for us.  We did manage a fire big enough for a couple of smores, but with the wind it just wasn’t meant to be a night for a bonfire.  That is something that we will have to try again another day.


Sunset over Lake Superior


I wanted to try and stay awake to see if the Northern Lights would make an appearance.  It was still partially light at 10:00 so that did not happen.  I did get up this morning and drag the kids to see sunrise over Lake of The Clouds though.  That was an absolutely gorgeous sight.  It was cold, quiet and stunning.  There were birds chirping and really no other sounds.  The kids were sleepy so they weren’t speaking and it was just us, God and nature.  If you ever get a chance it is definitely well worth getting up early so see.


One day.  Full of memories and experiences.  Each day of our lives are actually full of them, we just don’t usually notice.  I hope your day is full of love, laughter and joy today and eveeryday.


2 thoughts on “Just a Day

  1. Well, I packed in a full 25+ hour day traveling from Starkville to Moscow Russia! Besides missing my connecting flight from Paris to Moscow, everything was smooth sailing…. But, the Paris airport experience…NEVER, EVER again fly AirFrance or connect in Paris!!! Nightmare upon nightmare.

    Enjoying your posts!

    dg >

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