So, it happened. The hard drive has gone on my computer. Anyone that has a laptop, and uses it regularly I am sure knows the pain that I’m going to right this second. I can’t edit any pictures I can’t view pictures except on the screen of the camera. I can’t surf the Internet, and my blog post have to be done from my phone. Thank goodness for my phone. So, since  that happened yesterday I was not exactly in a great mood. Felix and I did take a walk and go exploring, and since it was a day for technical difficulties I promptly forgot to put the battery in the camera. I turned around and got the battery for the camera, and then went to take a picture and realized I had forgot to bring the camera card. So, it was as I said a day for technical difficulties. The only thing that we really accomplished was. Getting all muddy in the side-by-side. We took the boys to the gas station and trying to find the trails was kind of interesting. And, since it has rained for 5 million years here not really, but it is very soggy so the trails are very muddy.  Today, is either going to be on exploring day for me with a hike in the whole 9 yards, or a family four wheeling activity. One or the other I’m getting out there, any pictures I post will have to come from my phone. But, on the bright side I’m still on vacation it’s still gorgeous up here and I’m going to get out in nature today. So, the hard drives broke the camera  only functions on automatic, but I’m on Acacian I’ve got my family around me and maybe yesterday was a test. I think the lesson is not to let the little things bother me quite so much. Hope everyone has a great day today


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