In the woods

Yesterday was an adventure of a speedier and messier sort. It was time to take the ATVs and go tour the UP that way. 

First and foremost let me say that my husband is a good driver and I don’t believe that he would ever intentionally put me in harms way. That being said I just want to ask a couple of questions:

  1. Just because the speedometer will go to 120 mph does it automatically mean that men must test it??
  2. Just because it is an off road vehicle does it mean that we must find the deepest,smelliest sort of mud to get stuck in so that the passenger…me…has to get out and hook up the winch??

I think the answer to both questions, if you are a man, is yes. Now, to be fair if you are a woman:

  1. Do you sit in the passenger seat and hold on for dear life even if you are pretty sure that you will make it out alive?
  2. Do we view bad ideas differently than men do??

Again I think the answer is yes. Sure, I didn’t realize that my husband has dirt track racing aspirations and I was hanging on for dear life; but we made it. We saw some beautiful country, some wildlife and some mining ruins. We got stuck, got out and made it home. Overall a good day. I think the lesson for the day was sometimes in life you just have to hang on and finish the ride. 


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