I truly love this little house in the UP, however like anything it just needs a few touches to truly be “home”. So, yesterday I spent the day making it more “ours”. 

Each time we come up there is some home improvement project that we do. I am sure that I told you that Rod owns a drywall business and I used to be a painter so most projects can be completed by the two of us. Last time we repainted and tiled the kitchen. This time we fixed the drywall and painted the hallway and Spencer’s room. It turned out very well, but it was a little bit on the more mundane side of things. 

It is hard to see but this is the finished product. 

On a side note, I did get up at 2am and drive to Lake Superior but the Northern lights still remain unseen by me. Oh well, maybe tonight!!


5 thoughts on “Improvements

  1. I Hope you don’t mind my post as I found your post very interesting. I moved from a large city(which is is right next to Lake Superior). Because of a bad situation and after city life wasn’t for me any longer, We moved to a small country town in which Lake Superior is still only a block away(I have a connection to the lake I think). My boyfriend and I are still needing a place of quiet as it gets loud here with the traffic and we have been looking at homes in the UP.

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