Yesterday, the guys decided that it would be a good day to go off riding four wheeler is in ATVs so, Cryslynn and I decided that we would take in some waterfalls. We drove to Presque Isle and parked the truck got our bag and took off.

The trails were absolutely wonderful, they were obviously well-traveled and so the going was actually pretty easy. There were a lot of stairs of course. And if you wanted to get into some more difficult situations that was definitely that option.

At one point, we had seen a man taking pictures of on the waterfalls from a rock across the river. We both thought that that would be an awesome place to get a photo. So, we went back down the trail And started to go up the other side.

This trail was not quite so well worn and at one point there were so many steps that we both didn’t know if we were going to make it to the top or not. We stopped in the middle of the steps and I like to Chryslynn and she looked at me and I said “we have repelled 90 feet into the pitch black darkness not knowing if the guy on the other end was going to stop us if we fell we can do this!”  And we continue to climb. I will be the first one to admit all those stairs, kicked my butt. However, it didn’t help that we had gone up-and-down the stairs all the way along the other side. At the end of the day, my iPhone’s health monitor said that we walked 5.36 miles and climbed 56 stories. So, I guess you could say we were just a little tired. 

When we finally got to the spot that the man had taken the picture we started going down the cliff basically to the rock that he was on. The path that we thought he took, the one he actually did take was very slippery and we both about slid all the way down into the river on our butts. I’m sure at the point that I looked over to the left the man must’ve done the same thing because there was a trail that was much more accessible. That is the way we climbed back up!!

All in all it was definitely well worth the danger that we put ourselves into. In the end, we made it and we got some amazing pictures. As we both sat on the rocks in front of the Majestic waterfall we both looked at each other and said it was definitely worth the climb. 


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