Last Day

All vacations end.  I know they do and you know that they do.  We always try to cram so much enjoyment into such a small time frame that the memories that you come away with last for a long time.  This vacation was no different.  The only thing different is that I had to drive 18 hours again, (actually more this time) and I got home on Tuesday and have to go back to work on Wednesday.  I so want to go on more adventures!!!  I guess I will have to wait for a Sunday for that.

Anyway, the last day was sort of bittersweet.  Sterling and Cryslynn decided that they would go on a small hike with me so we went to go see a waterfall and some mining ruins because I knew for sure that Sterling would like them.  We made our way to the Nonesuch mine.  Once upon a time there was actually a town where now there is nothing but a pretty meadow.  There were people were now only animals and insects walk.  Well, and hikers that want a bit of history.  The mine is gone and only foundations and a shaft of some sort remain.  It made me wonder where the people went.  Did they just leave?  Did they move to another town?  Where did the rest of their buildings go?  I am guessing that because it was so many years ago the town has long since been removed.

The walk in was quiet as we made our way through the meadow.  As we got closer to the mine you could hear the waterfall letting you know that you were in the right place.  DSC_0189DSC_0192DSC_0198

Later that evening, after I had jumped quickly in Lake Superior, my husband took a walk on the beach with me.  All in all, that simple walk was probably my favorite part of the entire trip.  I love my husband and it is easy to get so lost in life that you forget why you fell in love with that person in the first place.  We just walked and talked and even laughed a bit.  I snapped this picture of him without him knowing.


At one point I looked back and there were our footprints.  I thought to myself how very much like our life those footprints are.  We have walked a long way together and most of the time it has been side by side.  We may struggle at times and he may have to hold me up and there are times when I hold him up but if you look back at the path we have taken you would find both our footprints together from the beginning.  I don’t know where our long walk will end but I know that we will walk side by side until one of us can’t go on anymore and is called home.  I have been lucky in that I have a good partner to walk with.  One that puts up with my craziness and one that loves me with his whole heart.  I only wish he really understood how much I truly love him.  I am so truly blessed to have people around me that fill my heart to bursting.  Each day I find new reasons to love them more.  Each day I get to experience this life with them.  Each night I get to go to sleep knowing that I am doing what I was made to do…loving my family with everything I have.  I may sound silly, but only by giving everything of yourself can you feel truly fulfilled with your life.  I have no regrets in my life…none.  If my walk ended tonight I would go home knowing that I lived my life to the fullest, I loved with my whole heart and I tried my best to be a good person to everyone I met.


The last day in the UP was filled with laughter and love.  Yes, I didn’t want it to end, but it had to as all things do.  I am home now and life continues on.  I know I will hear the sound of the Lake in my dreams and remember the feeling of rappelling down the mine shaft when I am doubting myself.  I know that I will return soon just as I know that there are more Sunday Adventures waiting for me here in Mississippi.  I know that I want to live my life, not just be a bystander as it passes me by.  I hope that each one of you live your lives too.  You get one shot at this life, may as well shoot for the moon and aim for the stars, you never know what memories you will be left with.


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