Average Day

Well, I lived through my first day back from vacation…just kidding…it is not anywhere near that bad.  One thing I found though is that most people really didn’t want to hear anything about any of the adventures that I had.  I have one friend at work that did and he is awesome, but everyone else…  I think we all get so caught up in our own lives that sometimes even a spectacular day just seems average, and to me that is a little sad.

It really was an average day yesterday, but for me that it actually an amazing day.  I sold a bike to a man that is going to use it to ride all the way across Canada and camp by the side of the road.  He had so many interesting stories to tell.  At one point he said that if he ever stops he would probably die.  He really LIVES life.  He gets it, he knows that we have one shot here.  He sees that there is so much more to life than just the average.  He is a happy man.

I don’t expect each moment of each day to be spectacular…goodness, I wouldn’t ever appreciate any of the really special moments.  I do look for the amazing in the average though.  You would be surprised if you really looked at things a new way what you could see.  It is kind of like my photography, most people only see what is on the surface.  I see nuances and I guess I see things that others just don’t.  It is not because I am super special or anything, I just take the time to look and really see.  There is beauty everywhere, sometimes there is even beauty in ugliness or something that is broken…you just have to look.

I guess when I look back at yesterday, maybe it is not the day that is average, maybe it is the people that make up the day that are average.  Maybe we go through life not expecting anything other than what we have always had.  Maybe we are afraid to expect great things to happen.  I don’t buy into that though.  I expect each day to be amazing.  Sometimes it works that way and sometimes it doesn’t.  I will tell you that I have more amazing days than bad ones though.  Hopefully all of you will go out and have an amazing day today instead of an average one, unless your average day is amazing!

By the way, speaking of seeing things in a new way, here are a couple of shots from the UP that I have edited.  Enjoy!!



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