Just saying

I know it’s early for my post, but I just wanted to say that life is really funny. I stopped in Walmart tonight to get some rotisserie chicken for supper, shouldn’t have been a major deal and usually I don’t see anybody that I know. As I was looking around trying to find the chicken I noticed someone come up to me. Wouldn’t you know, that the person that stopped us when we were trespassing on that property walked right up to me and started talking.

I have to say, that no matter where or how you meet a person if you give them a chance sometimes they can surprise you. I never would have thought that this man would ever want to see me again, but we stood there and Walmart and had an amazing conversation. In fact, I think we actually have a lot of the same interest and I know I will be talking to him again. Now, we can both laugh over the situation, although I was still in the wrong and I freely admit that. But, this man knows so much more history about this place that I call home that I could ever begin to imagine so, I think I will take him up on his offer and hopefully learn a lot from him.

So I just wanted to say you never know exactly what one situation or one event will turn into. In my case, hopefully my trespassing incident can be turned into something that is good in the future other than a lesson for my boys.  

To the man, I just want to say thank you again and I really did enjoy our conversation this evening. I look forward to having more conversations soon. I think the lesson for today, was that you never really know what kind of person someone is until you give them a chance. Just saying, there are is more to the world and to each person than meets the eye




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