Thoughts in the Quiet

As I sit here writing this morning’s entry the house is so quiet.  The boys and Rod have already left for work and the only ones here are the dogs and I.  I don’t know about you, but my dogs are not great conversationalists.  They try but it just comes out a bit one-sided.

I imagine this is how things will be in a couple more years.  Spencer wants to work construction, but he is itching to get out on his own so he will be leaving the nest and Sterling is looking at the military as a career.  Both of them gone.  As parents we spend a large portion of our lives taking care of our kids.  God puts them into our care and it is up to us to watch over them, raise them, teach them and love them and then let them go.  Pretty easy job except the letting go part.  Now I am not saying that parenting is easy…OH NO.  I have never had to take care of something so important that didn’t come with instructions before.  I know I am not the only parent that worries about messing up.  I know that there are other parents out there that have looked at their baby and wondered how they were going to do this.  Unfortunately we all get through it and they do grow up.

I really don’t mind them growing up.  I have actually enjoyed that part.  I have enjoyed watching them grow and experience new things and overcome obstacles and milestones.  It is the leaving thing.  It is the fact that they will have a whole other life that I really won’t be a huge part of.  They will be able to make stupid decisions and I won’t be there to stop the damage before it starts.  They will get hurt, they will have worries, they will struggle.  I know it is part of life and we all go through it but I don’t want my kids to have to have too much of that.  I also know that they will love, they will find joy and they will have triumphs and that I would not take away from them.

This morning’s quiet is thinking time.  My life will change so much in just a few short years.  If I look back at when Rod and I first met I am astounded at how far we have come and now we are being forced to change again.  I am trying hard to make as many memories as I can with them now because pretty soon I will have to schedule the time to make the memories around their lives.  I know how busy the world can get and I will miss them so much.  My daughter is already on this path and I miss her every day.  She is an amazing person though and is finding all the joy and laughter that life can hold so that makes it a little easier.  Not much though!!

I guess I will just keep doing what I am doing now…having adventures, taking pictures and blogging about them.  I also think I will start learning new things.  I always wanted to learn Spanish, that is a place to start.  Maybe I will try teaching the dogs to be better conversationalists, you never know, it might happen!!

Until tomorrow here are a couple more pictures of our trip to Michigan.  Gosh it is is gorgeous up there!!!



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