Yesterday, a man came in by a bike. No, I take that back. He has motorcycle, and want to buy a truke. As we get older, I often find the years take a toll on us. Our knees, are not as strong as they were yesterday, Maybe our hip are you giving out, or balance isn’t what it once was. So a lot of people but I know end up looking at a trike when they wouldnt have even five years before. 

The Man and I went through the usual sales process, and then we got to the fun part. You know the part, the part when you actually get know the person and have a little bit of fun. Turns out he’s not from here, he is a transplant like me and he has definitely lived a very full life. He has sung music, has been a lot of different places, and loves his wife very much.  In fact, she is the reason for the trike. You see, Her health is  not as good as it used be and he wanted to try and make sure that they have time to ride together while she still able. Apparently she think she’s going fall off the other bike, and he iswilling to make the concession,  Buy the trike just so they can spend time together. 

During the course of the conversation I also learned that his kidneys are slowly shutting down. So, not only is he getting the trike to ride while his wife still can he’s getting the trike to ride with his wife while he still can. 

I admire the man. He is taking  what life is throwing at him, and still living life is living his life with Dignity, with God, and definitely with the woman that loves.  I wish the man nothing but the best.  I wish him a good long life. I hope to see him again, and I think him for reiterating  My belief that life should be live each day and not just on days that are sunny. If you wait for the perfect day to live your life, if you wait until tomorrow before you try something new, you may never get to.  I choose to live each day.



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