Well, since yesterday was Father’s Day, there was no adventure and I have to work this coming Sunday.  I think I am having withdrawal.  At any rate, today is Monday, the start of a new week.  Mondays are funny, they are a day we both dread and look forward to at the same time.  On one hand Monday morning the alarm clock goes off and we have to get up…no sleeping in.  On the other hand, Monday is a clean slate, a fresh week in which anything is possible.  If we get out of bed that is.

I like the freshness of Monday.  It is like when you take sheets off the line and they are fresh and crisp and clean.  They are a blank slate on which dreams will be written.  Mondays are blank slates on which life will be written.  I don’t dread Monday because they are full of experiences waiting to happen.  I do hate the alarm clock though!!!

Speaking of experiences waiting to happen, Sterling and I made a pact yesterday.  We are going to make sure and do one big thing each year for the rest of our lives.  One year he will plan it and one year I will plan it and no matter what we will take a week and do it.  Well, he starts planning when he is out on his own.  I hope he sticks to it, should be fun.  As for me, I have 3 years of planning really big stuff in addition to the small stuff.  I have one in mind, I just have to check a few things out.

Since there was no adventure this past Sunday, here are a couple pics from Michigan again.  I love the UP!!

6-10-16 (22)6-10-16 (58)6-10-16 (128)


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