I have not written in almost a week.  Time slips away from us.  I didn’t get a chance to adventure either lately.  This weekend should make up for that.  I am planning one for the Sunday before the 4th.  So, we will see.

Today I was thinking about a couple of people that I know.  One that makes me so proud and one that makes me so angry.  The man, Jim we will say, is young.  He went through all kinds of trouble and trials and there were times that it looked like he was headed toward the hard streets, however; he took control of his life and turned it completely around.  He is headed down a good path now and realizes where he was and knows where he is going.  Plans may change for him but I am so very proud of him.  He did it.  He made the right choices, he found it in himself to become the man I knew was inside of him all the time.  That is all that I wish for my boys.  For them to become the men that I know that they can be.

Then there is the woman, Julie we will say.  This woman is older and has lived life taking advantage of others.  In fact, she took advantage of me.  She gets other people to pay her bills, feed her, house her, feel sorry for her.  Any trouble that this woman has found had been self-inflicted through bad choices and her actions.  This woman has seen how life could be and constantly chooses the wrong path.  She chooses to lie and steal.  She chooses to try and get people to feel sorry for her so that they will help her.  And it often works.  This woman is looking for any way that she can use someone else for her own gain.  Oh, she will ply you with gifts and tell you that she just wanted to do something nice…then she has a bill due.  I don’t know if she actually knows any better.  I think that her moral compass is really out of alignment because she continues to think that those who have helped her have actually screwed her.  If you spend thousands on her helping her she will find the one time she bought you a Coke and turn it into a federal case.  It makes me wonder why she is the way she is.  It makes me feel sorry for her and also makes me angry.

You see, no one ever handed me anything.  I mean, I have had help in this life of course, but I have worked for everything I have.  I have tried to teach my children that anything worth having is worth working for.  And yet they see a society of Julies out there, all taking advantage of someone else.  What we really need is more people like Jim.  I don’t understand the difference in the two.  I think, when you come down to it, it is something inside each of us.  Some of us just are not strong internally as others of us.  How sad.  I mean, is that really all there is to it?  Is that the difference between a good person and a bad person?  Is it inner strength or is it more?  Could it be inner strength and a belief in a higher power?  Could it be all of those as well as love?  I don’t know.  All I do know is that in this life, there are differences in people and there are getting to be more and more people that are wanting to take advantage of others and get a free ride.  The way I was taught is that nothing is free and you shouldn’t want it to be.

I want the boys to be the ones that are different.  I want my children to be the strong ones.  I hope I have taught them well.  My daughter is that way.  I don’t have to worry about her, she is an amazing woman already.  I just don’t want today’s world to make my sons weak.  If the difference is internal strength, then I hope my boys have hit the gym regularly!  I know they have it in them, I can see it, I just hope the seeds grow.  I hope more men and women from their generation allow themselves to remember how to be different…how to be strong…sadly I am afraid we are going to need it.

Here are a couple shots from my archives since I have not adventured since Michigan.  Hope everyone has a great day!!

DeerRainbow 7-10-10Scenes 5-21-10 (4)Sunrise 9-6-11 (1)


2 thoughts on “Differences

  1. As always, beautifully written!! And I pray between my raising and you helping these past few years, that Brady has the inner strength you see in your boys! I’ve tried to teach mine about working hard as well, because that’s what I have to do. I’m like you, I see it in him, I just hope it continues to grow!!

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    • Thank you so much. Brady has it, just like my boys do. Mostly, because of the way you have raised him. You have done a wonderful job, and he is an amazing boy. Hopefully, like you said it will continue to grow. Just because we plant the seeds doesn’t mean that things always grow. I personally think that the probability that they will grow and become the men that we think they can be is very high. It will be amazing to watch. Nerve-racking maybe, but amazing all the same


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