I am so not perfect.  That is the one thing in this life that I am positive about.  I try to be as close to perfect as I can be a lot of the time, but I fall short.  I really don’t think that anyone really expects me to be perfect…well, other than myself.  I don’t expect my kids or my husband to be perfect either.  I tell them that it is ok to make mistakes.  I am sure that I am not the only parent in the world that is doing that.  But, I wonder what we are NOT teaching our kids.  I have really funny standards I guess.  There are just certain things that I take for granted that most people my age and older should know and do.  I think I have seen that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results: in my case, I keep expecting people to actually have a clue about life.

Now, I know that sounds harsh.  I agree.  Sometimes I just get angry.  I am trying to teach my boys to live the right way and the rest of the world thinks it is ok to take shortcuts and blame other people for mistakes that they made.  I hear it constantly, “I would have but I couldn’t because so and so did this.”  REALLY?  How about this one, “I didn’t know that you wanted that done so I just didn’t do it.”  Who cares?  If it needs done, why not do it?  Okay, take my job for instance.  Customer service is important…very important.  So, a customer has a problem and I hear, “Well, if this person would let me do this then we would be able to do this and this wouldn’t happen.”  I really don’t think so.  I mean, if I tell someone that something is going to be done on a specific day, then that is what they expect.  If I tell them that it is not done when they expect it to be and then they get angry, I would think that is the expected reaction.  Most people nowadays simply don’t see why this would be a problem.  Take today for instance.  A mistake was made.  The customer was angry, however instead of trying to find a way to ease the situation, the attitude was, “Oh well, he isn’t from here anyway.”  I find this unacceptable.

Unfortunately, I am in the minority on this.  So, my lesson to my boys this week has been all about accountability.  I make mistakes.  Sometimes they are big ones.  However, I ALWAYS own up to my mistakes and try to fix them.  Sometimes I am embarrassed sure.  Sometimes I get my butt chewed.  Sometimes I have had to do something over again and again.  But, I fixed the issue.  I usually don’t make the same mistake more than once and people actually respect the fact that I admit that I made the mistake in the first place and actually tried to make it right.  Since when do we not do that in this country?  Since when is our mistake someone else’s problem to fix?  Do we have no pride in ourselves anymore?  I mean, mistakes happen, sometimes a lot, they are actually the things we learn the most from.

At any rate, hopefully the boys picked up on this.  Be accountable.  Take responsibility for your actions.  Be true to your word.  Don’t say you will do something unless you are sure that you can.  Most of all…use your head when dealing with other people.  Think…would I want to be treated like this?  How would I like the situation to be handled if the tables were turned.  I really don’t think these are hard concepts to grasp, but again that insanity thing.

Okay, that is enough ranting for one day…I did manage to snap a few shots before work.  Hope you enjoy them.

6-30-16 (20)6-30-16 (13)6-30-16 (8)

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