Just A Little Adventure

I know it is the 4th of July.  I know that we will be watching fireworks later, so even though I didn’t get a chance to adventure last week, (I had to work) or yesterday I know that I should have been happy…Well…

Spencer was working and Cryslynn is staying with us for a couple days so we finished cleaning the house and went to get her and then we were off on a short adventure.  Sterling was driving and we were heading out to see Turkey Creek Water Park in Decatur, MS.  Everyone was in great spirits and Sterling was doing a great job driving.  That is something considering he still only has his permit, and actually, he is a really good driver.  There was much laughter and kidding as we navigated our way to the lake.  Turkey Creek Water Park is just that, a lake with a beach, nature trails and a campground.  It is way off the beaten path so it is a good thing that they have signs guiding you there!!  We pulled up and the park area is very pretty, I do have to say that but once we got inside there was a guardshack.  They charge you to go in unless you just want to drive around and look and then you can only be in there 10 minutes.  So, we took that option.  There is a nice beach and nice camping areas and the lake is gorgeous, but the picture worthy thing was the bridge surrounded by lily pads.  I loved that.  I told Sterling to stop and he told me that we only had a few minutes left so he was going to head on out.  I told him to hold his horses!!  Here is a shot of that.


Next we made a pit stop in Decatur and as we were driving by I saw some old items just sitting outside a building…another good photo op so we stopped at the gas station and I walked up the street to where they sat.


Our last stop of the day was going to be this place that a friend of my husband’s had told us about.  He said that there is a place where the water runs over the road in Newton County.  With a little research I located Stamper’s Pond, or so I thought!  This little pond has quite some history and I read it to the kids as we drove there.  At Stamper’s Pond, according to Today in Mississippi, you used to be able to rent bathing suits for 10¢.  According to  the Newton County Historical Society the area was nominated to be the site of the state’s first institute of higher learning.  (Oxford eventually won that honor).  The pond is located on, ironically, Stamper’s Pond Road, so off we went.  We were following the phone and doing pretty good we thought.  Now, keep in mind that it is in the 90’s here and heat indexes are over 100 and Sterling had just washed the truck.  So, we were driving and following the phone and it said to make a turn.  OK, we turned. Right before we made the turn there was two trucks, a trailer and a couple of guys working on something in the ditch.  Then a little  bit down the road the road turned to dirt.  I looked at Sterling and told him that we didn’t have to go down the road…we really didn’t know where we were going in the first place.  He sighed, looked at me and said, “No, we can keep going.”  Just another Sunday Adventure was how this was shaping up.  So, we drove down the narrow dirt road and took all the twisty turns and came out of the woods finally.  There on the passenger side was a pond and a house, and some cattails…in other words, a mud puddle.  Oh No, surely this was not it.  Our adventure was shaping up to be like so many others!!

We followed the road and ended up on the highway that we started on.  Well, we may as well try one more time.  I got different directions from the phone and off we went.  This time all the roads were paved and sure enough we came to a pond on the driver’s side of the road and there, right in front of us the water was running across the road…further in front of that around a very small bend were two trucks, a trailer and a couple of guys working on something in a ditch…You have got to be kidding me!!  Sterling and I looked at each other and just laughed.  Had we gone straight instead of turning we would have been right here!  Well, that is how Sunday Adventures go.  We parked the truck and got out.  The pond was beautiful, what we could see of it and it was really neat, but the dirt road that I found as we left had better pond views.  The site was neat because of the history that is associated with it.  I highly suggest that you follow the links and read about it.


One last stop as we headed home.  Found an old gas station along the road.  Great place to imagine the past.


All in all it was a great day and we still have fireworks to look forward to tonight.  Another day that I wouldn’t want to spend any other way!


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